Sunday, April 10, 2011

Someone needs to buy this....

...and spray it in a white, hot turq, red, or kelly green!

Weirdly, from overstock.  I think it would look vintage if sprayed in a bright summer color!

Let me know if you make this must be done.



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Whew!  The past week has been an amazing whirlwind of wonderful family times.  Beau's entire family has been in town at varying intervals, and we have been completely spoiled with their helping hands and company.  Miller is such a lucky baby boy to be a part of the boisterous, loving, hilarious, and fun Haynes am I.

When some of them arrived via car, they brought with them a wonderful treat. 

vintage ele side table

My beautiful elephant side table is in perfect condition and looks perrrr-fect in the living room, and I love him for that.  But...even moreso, I love him because he belonged to a truly lovely lady inside and out, Beau's Grandma Nichols.  She recently passed away after living a long, adventurous, travel-filled life, replete with countless friends and family. Her stunning home was jam packed with unbelievably stylish and sentimental things, but my favorite item was the elephant side table (from a trip to India) in her study.  I am so very lucky to receive it!  Whenever I look at him as I open the front door, I am reminded of a gentle spirit, gracious host, and the closest thing to a steel magnolia the Midwest has ever seen.  Grandma Nichols' elephant sure beats all of the pachyderms being sold at high end stores for high end prices. 

Oh, and here is Dolores Miller Nichols' namesake, just for your viewing pleasure...