Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Fabulous Beekman Boys

...may be the most random, yet addictive show on television.  Have y'all seen it?  Anyone?  Anyone?

To beat the summer heat, I was lounging around inside the past Sunday and happened to catch a couple of epis.  It airs on a random (to me) channel, PlanetGreen, and I had never heard of the show before.  Well, now it standardly programmed into my DVR, and I will tell you why. 

The boys, Brent and Josh.  One is a doctor (formerly Dr. Brent of Martha Stewart fame), the other a best-selling author.

The premise behind the show is that Brent and Josh leave Manhattan life behind to lead the "simple life" in upstate New York.  They purchased Beekman Farm, an enormous property located in Sharon Springs, NY, with the intention of living a slower and more organic lifestyle.  The couple now resides in the beautiful farmhouse on the property while raising 80 goats, 2 pigs, 12 chickens and a llama.  Oh, and they also make goat milk soap and artisanal cheese, called Beekman Blaak. 

The idyllic barn. 
Farmer John tends to the goats in the barn, and has taught the boys everything they now know about raising the personality-packed herd.  

The show is a refreshing and delightful romp, particulary when constantly dominated by the likes of reality TV brawls, spoiled bratty kid birthday parties, and gross consumerism (a la Real Housewives....I am a full time viewer, no judgment here....).   The guys are just, well, charming, and it is a riot to watch them unabashedly plunge into Kuntry living, all while keeping themselves fed and their relationship in tact. 

Plus, the shots of the gorgeous land and historic house (err, mansion) are the best eye candy out there.

The above shots are all from the Boys' really great website Beekman 1802.  I highly suggest that you check it out.  It is chock full of information about natural living. Plus, there are tons of stunning pics of the farm as well as their blogs accounting this "Shared Experiment in Seasonal Living." 

WARNING: Don't go on the site unless you plan to spend an hour there... 

I just learned that the Beekman Mansion was a stop on the Underground Railroad and is said to have had a tunnel running between it and the on-property crypt, which served as the hiding place for slaves escaping northward.  See, tons of nerdy historical facts!

The Beekman 1802 website is also their mercantile.

Beekman 1802 baby soap.

Beekman 1802 Blaak.

Beekman 1802 picnic blankie. 

The mercantile's motto is that Beekman farm is bigger than its fences.  Lovely. 

I really hope that you tune in to The Fabulous Beekman is perfect "escape" television, yet oddly educational.  Treat yourself, you will love it!



Monday, June 28, 2010

More Fab Fabrics...

While cruising etsy this past weekend, I found a great seller of hand printed textiles.  Kalla's fabrics and products are really impressive.  I think they channel the likes of Hable Construction and Trina Turk for Schumacher perfectly!

This table runner would be a great gift...$40.00!

This pillow cover must be mine.

Another great pillow cover.

Many of the fabrics are additionally available via yards....upholstery projects a go-go. 

I hope this rainbow of fruit flavors brightened up your Monday!



Friday, June 25, 2010

Fan-tastic Solution

I hate ceiling fans, although I understand that, for some, they are crucial to functioning in life.  Despite living through the 112 heat indexes in Nola right now, I still never think to turn on our fans.  I never grew up sleeping with them on, so I think I am programmed to not consider using them.  In fact, I plot the demise of each fan in our home with specificity. 
Lowe's.  Gaggers.

As you may recall, Lamar replaced the fug fan in our den.  Next up?  The fan in our bedroom....after that, the empty bedroom we call the "staging area."  It is slow, but calculated.  They will all be gone one day (except for the one in the guestroom because I want our fan-reliant guesties to be comfy)! 

Lamar replaced the fug ceiling fan in our den.

I recognize that not all fans are fug/ builder's grade.  Honestly, though, even the sharpest of the sharp looking fans, still really doesn't thrill me. 

Imagine my delight to see this "hybrid" fan/ light fixture on the delightful blog Dwellers Without Decorators
Is it possible that I could be convinced to keep some fans around?  Maybe if they look like these...

See that fan/ dome light about the dining room table?

It's mate above the living room area. 

Does anyone know the source of this fan-tastic alternative to a trad fan?  I am at least give this guy to the guest room, since it HAS to have a fan.  If we can't figure out a source, there is that thought in the back of my mind that I could make this....??



Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pillow Talk

I have wanted one or two of these Cat Studio pillows for a LOOONG time.  We have a cute dish towel by Cat S. that we received as a gift, but I can't take my mind off the idea of a Louisiana pillow and an Indiana pillow adding some zest and whimsy to a guest room chair or a sun porch....if we had a sun porch, that is!

The Indiana pillow even clearly indicates "Terre Haute"--home of Mr. Beau, with a nod to Larry Bird, of course.  I like the "John Mellencamp" reference as well...but wish all three houses were pink!

Love that Tulane is included...

How great would one of these be as a hostess gift for when you get invited to stay at your friends' cottage for the Summer or chalet for ski season?  (This happens to me quite often, so I figured that you should be prepared, too....)

Martha's Vineyard.


Now, onto more pillow talk.  It is getting a bit ridiculous that I am receiving emails from Johnny every week featuring pillows that only get better and better.  What is a girl to do?  My pillow budget is not endless!

What is more fabu than St. Tropez in the summer?  The round orange pillow! 

Another other pillows that should be added to the session of pillow talk?



Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mid Century Treasure

As you may recall, I wrote a pretty extensive post on the wealth of mid century modern architecture firmly rooted in some of New Orleans' oldest neighborhoods.  It was so interesting to research and write...and I only scratched the surface. 

Just a reminder....

Remember him

I am thrilled to know that the original post inspired some treasure hunting among Gimlet Nation, particularly those of you who live in Nola.  I have received a fair amount of emails and texts in follow-up to the post, sometimes with people sending pics of their very own MCM treasures throughout the Big Easy or even just "I had no idea that I live right near a Curtis and Davis home!"  It has been a hoot, and I charge you to keep 'em coming. 

Perhaps my fave email I have received is one from our faithful contributor, fine finisher extraordinaire, and decorator, E. Lee.  Guess what, peeps?  Her dad's childhood home on Sycamore Street in Old Metairie (an old and established, tree-lined suburb of Nola) IS AN ACTUAL CURTIS AND DAVIS home.  Say what?

E. Lee explained that she thought the home had been torn down, but was delighted to learn that it is, indeed, still standing and lookin' better than ever!  She was kind enough to share these snaps that she recently took of the home. 

Street view of the home.  Lovingly maintained!

Another view of the sprawling double lot, a rarity.

Lucky us.  E. Lee's dad provided us Gimleters with a bit of history on this Curtis and D original.  The home was built by E. Lee's grandparents in 1950.  Her dad explained that very little of the house has changed since its original design.  The structure to the left of the garage was originally a temporary-type structure serving as a pool house, but now is a permanent attachment to the garage. The home was built on a single lot, but eventually the lot next door was purchased and unified with the original house through landscaping.  The mahogany front door, still the original!, was imported from Cuba by a family friend.   

I have already harassed begged E. Lee to search from some original house pics for Gimlet Nation's viewing pleasure.  ...and, of course, if any readers know this house (and the owners, of course), we would love a tour!  ;) 

While we are on the topic of great MCM homes in Old Metarie (how's that for a segue?), here is a repost of a repost of Laura Casey's blog article about the MCM home of her husband's family (also located in Old Metarie.)  If didn't catch it the first (or second) time, here you go.    

Hmmmm....and the moral of this post is, once again, that there are treasures abounding in our own backyards (this must be the theme of the week, no?).



P.S.  Seriously, a Curtis and Davis home just innocently sitting on Sycamore

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hi, faithful Gimleters!  I am certainly alive and have not forgotten about you kids.  (...and I am glad to know that you appreciate your daily Gimlet dose!) 

I will be back very very shortly.  I have been sidelined with a summer sickness.  This past weekend, I did not leave my bed from Thursday night through Monday morning.  Therefore, my main gimlet time, Saturday and Sunday, was a bit disrupted. 

I am thinking of Gimlet Nation as I convalesce and get back in line with more awesome posts!



Friday, June 18, 2010

Louisiana's Scenic Byways

This week, I had to travel from New Orleans to Marksville, Louisiana to take a sworn statement of a witness.  Sounds like a blast, right?  Well, I actually did have a bit of a good time on my drive, thanks to Hwy. 1 North, a designated "Louisiana Scenic Byway." 

I usually have to travel on the interstate to reach my work-related destinations.  Not this time!  I cruised the entirety of Hwy. 1 N between Baton Rouge and Marksville, admiring the mossy trees, cane fields, and boats docked along False River. 

Aside from admiring the general slow pace and having many "Wow, I forget how beautiful Louisiana is!" moments, the happiest accident of the trip was literally stumbling across Parlange Plantation.  I have been a long time fan of Angele Parlange, still often flipping through Creole Thrift for inspiration and New Orleansy-Louisiana eye candy.   

I bet most of you Gimleters own this oldie, but goodie, right?
If you don't know about Creole Thrift, I strongly recommend that you borrow or buy it. 
The tag line: "Premium Southern Living without Spending a Dime" says it all. 

I have read so much about Angele Parlange and her family plantation over the years, but somehow missed that Parlange Plantation is clearly-marked as a U.S. Historic Landmark and a property on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.  I just assumed that the Parlange's plantation home was simply a private residence located "somewhere in Louisiana." 

A clear snap of Parlange Plantation in its French Colonial glory.  It is a two-story raised cottage with a brick basement and walls fashioned from mud, horsehair and Spanish moss. 

The second I passed by and saw the famous pigeonniere pretty close to the front gate, I knew that the clearly-marked National Historic site was, indeed, Angele's family plantation and not another "Parlange" home (Remember, Parlange is a French name and, in South Louisiana, that is not necessarily unique...).  Again, what an unexpected treat!

The view from the road wasn't quite this clear, but I knew it when I saw it! 
via here

Here it is, zhushed up for Creole Thrift. 
...seeing it was kind of like seeing a movie star in real life. 

According to the National Park Service website, the home was erected around 1750 and remains owned and operated by the original owners, the Parlange family.  Amelie Gautreau, better known as John Singer Sargent's Madame X, lived there. 

One of Parlange's first residents....

As it is a private home, you can only tour it via appointment.  (Sadly, I was unable to just pull on into the drive and knock on the door!)  Honestly, just happening upon this historic home out of nowhere was the thrill. 

I know many of you have likely seen the images from Creole Thrift time and time again.  You know, though, when something is this good, it should be shared from time to time, right?


I hope that every Gimlet reader occasionally discovers a treasure in his or her own backyard....this was certainly mine for the week.  Oh, and per the requirement of any historic home in Southern Louisiana, Parlange is said to be haunted by a young woman wearing a bridal gown.  Just sayin'.



P.S.  HAPPY WEEKEND.  If you are so inclined, please share your fave Creole Thifts with Gimlet!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Green Apple Twin Bed Project

Remember these guys?

The most perfect twin beds from Craigslist.

Well, the early bird (aka first to respond to my offer to all of Gimlet Land) was Adrianne, my friend and owner/blogger of Lambchop Designs (check her out in my blogroll if you haven't already). 

I started sanding the twins, but was waiting to start my handiwork until Adrianne found out the sex of her newest chicken.  If you are a blog follower of hers, you will know that she is having a girl (she found out just this week!)  Naturally, her nursery designing is now full throttle.  Rightfully so, she has starting shopping and planning like a woman possessed!

Her request for the beddies?  A juicy apple green (not to be confused with kelly or lime!)  I will not giveaway too much as she will certainly be posting all about the fun she is having with her nursery design. 

Let's examine some of my favorite apple green interiors.   

Benjamin Moore's Apple Green, featured via decorpad

Gina Kates via decorpad

Another Gina Kates design....she loves the apple green as much as Adrianne!

The challenge?  It can't be too "mossy" or "olive" or "neon" or "neutral" or --let's be honest-- too "baby poop."  (You know the color!  I know you do!)

My current "best find:"

Ace's Green Apple.
I think it has the perfect amount of color and vibrance to prevent it from reading as too neutral. 

Have y'all seen this site? My Perfect Color allows you to type in the hue you are looking for and then it culls together pretty much all of the major paint companies' shades for your review.  (You can even order samples directly from them....pretty nifty, right?)

If you have any good granny-smith-green's to recommend, let us know!  We are officially on the hunt, and, of course, Baby Girl Bugg deserves only the most fab twin beds around. 



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Recommendations First

I am helping my sister and her soon-to-be husband transform "his bachelor pad condo" into "their condo."  My future bro-in-law has excellent taste, of course, but the space needs to be infused with a bit more color and feminity and a bit less leather, self-described "mall art," and lamps-shaped-like-old-fashioned-fire-hydrants.  (People, could I really make this stuff up?) 

Does anyone else think of the infamous "Wagon Wheel Coffee Table Scene" from When Harry Met Sally?

The redesign process will be ongoing as Rome (and fab couple's pads reflecting a joint aesthetic) certainly cannot be built in a day.  There is also the lingering challenge of not spending too much dinero as they will not be staying in the condo for more than a year or well as working around/with the many architectural elements and furniture items that simply must. stay. put. 

Join me as I share with you bits and pieces of this project, finding yummy things that suit their new "couply" taste...

Now, get this while it is hot.  I loved it the day I saw it a couple of months ago, but love it even more now that it is on sale. 

Thanks, Natey.  This 2 x 9 runner is on sale for $74.97. 
The entry way floor is currently, well, bare.  I think a runner in my sis and future husby's favo color will warm it up in no time.

Some other initial suggestions/ items to be purchased....(That you would be interested in, that is.  There are ALOT of basics on the list, like "king sized mattress" and "mirrored medicine cabinet."  Gimlet Nation can make due without seeing photos of mattress rails, I am sure.)

Have y'all seen these spankin' new West Elm chairs?

I think they are good looking!
(and affordable at $99.00 per chair)

Tip:  When buying furni for (somewhat) temporary spaces, try to think about where it could translate in the next space.  For now, the stackable chairs will serve as dining chairs in the dining nook of the condo, but I think they will also be great in a breakfast room of a bigger home.  No buyer's remorse in a year!

Another cutie from West Elm. 
The martini table in orange is t for tiny (perfect size for the cozy condo) and will add a necessary jolt of color next to the current beautiful, but very masculine, leather sofa. 

I will certainly post some befores and afters, but figured that, to kick this off, I would simply start with the early stages of the shopping list as this is going to be a slow--albeit fun and rewarding--project! 



Monday, June 14, 2010

Just when I thought Johnny couldn't get any better...

He sends me pics of these in my in box.  (I have told you before how he is my best email buddy, right?)

He wants me to escape with him to the Amalfi Coast with him.  Certainly, Jonathan!

Behold, the Positano pillows.
Grosgrain, thank you very much.

Up close and personal with the stiched grosgrain.

Clean and bold perfection. 

Good lookin' in turq, of course.

Spirited bolster!

Check them all out here.  Thanks, Jonathan, for some new and spunky eye candy on this dull Monday.