Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"How's Your House?" Treme Trailer

Beau and I gleefully high fived last night after we watched the Treme (HBO's new series) trailer.  John Goodman seems to be the force behind keeping it real....the accents (so far) seem authentic, the musicians are really famous musicians around Nola, and the question, "How's Your House?"  couldn't resonate more with absolutely every single resident in the greater New Orleans area. 

Watch the trailer...I promise you will be at the very least intrigued...

The best part? 

John Goodman's last line of the trailer.  It may be my feisty protectiveness of New Orleans particularly since Katrina, but..."Hate the food?  Hate the music?  Hate the city?  Then, what the &*^# you doin' down here?" 

I am pumped for the premiere on April 11, 2010.  I hope everyone tunes in so that we can at least have some lively discussions about the representation of the city and its people, whether it appropriately depicts life post-disaster, and, the most important thing, whether it is just damn "good."

If you are a "Wire" person (I have never watched it, but I am sure it is as amazing as everyone says), then you will likely love Treme since it is produced by the same team.  For more fun Treme info, click here.

So, "Do You Wanna?" 



P.S.  Thus far, there was only one gratuitous fleshy boobie/stripper shot.  I know that some of you may ask for more poles and bras, but I thought it was a reasonable nod (you know, New Orleans films, TV shows, songs, etc. cannot resist the poles and boobies) without being over the top. 

P.P.S.  Julie posted about the filming of Treme on her blog here.  You can also check out her celebrity appearance in her post! 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Patio Dining Decisions

The new-to-us vintage patio dining set is prepped and ready to be sprayed.  I even bought Beau his very own spray nozzle so that he can help, too.  It has to be a tag team project or it will never get done in time for sunning and crawfish this weekend. 

The decision has been jointly made to paint the patio set yellow.  As in we bought 100 cans of the John Deere Rustoleum yellow tractor paint. 

Inspired by one of my favorite color combos of all time (and found at the Viceroy Palm Springs), we are going for black and white cushions on the chairs. 

...had to slip in at least one shot of the Parker's Lemonade Stand for good measure, right?

If money was no object and New Orleans rain, humidity and summers were not brutal on all things outdoor, I would have custom cushions done to my specifications.  They would look exactly like this one from Lands End, which, I am sorry to say, is in navy instead of black. 
Lands End.   Why can't they have the black/white or white/black option?

Because I am unable to magically produce exactly what I want for less than approximately $150.00 per cushion (scarring), I am going to have to get creative and either go with these fun black and white stripey ones I found on Ballard (picture is having difficulty uploading) or this fun option that Courtney found from Tar-jay (here is the link...I am having serious technical difficulties with these pics....)

Now, white or black umbrella???



P.S.  Thanks for your interest in the Nate Berkus rug.  It went to a great home right down the street from us via Mr. Craig List.  The 8 x 10 jute rug is also a goner.  I will be posting some more fire sale items later this week! 

P.P.S.  I have to go to Dallas for depositions on Wednesday and Thursday.  Ick.  However, my personal carrot is that there is an Ikea there.  This will allow me to carry my Leran pendant back with me in steerage.  If only I could fly back with plants, patio furniture, rugs, Swedish meatballs....

Sunday, March 28, 2010

C. Jere Wanna Be...and some teasers

I have mentioned C. Jere wall sculptures before.  My love is endless. 

Not a new image to Gimlet.  Palmer Weiss.

Credit unknown. 

vintage C. Jere.  

C. Jere featured in a snap of my seemingly favorite blog topic, The Parker in Palm Springs. 

Who is C. Jere?

C. Jere is the combined name of artists Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels. The two founders combined pieces of their own names to create the C. Jeré signature. Their company Artisan House was founded in 1963 by Fels and his brother-in-law Curtis (Kurt) Freiler. Freiler was the production chief and Fels was head of design. Their goal was to produce "gallery-quality art for the masses." Kurt and Jerry sold Artisan House in 1972.

To me, C. Jere  sculptures are an iconic piece of mid-century design.  They provide texture and depth to an otherwise ordinary wall.    Not every wall should simply house a flat piece of framed art, right? 

In 2007, Jonathan Adler partnered with C. Jere to re-release the mid-century wall sculptures. 

Sea urchin sculpture.  Available through Jonathan A.

When I was in Miami checking out the J.A. store, I petted one of the C. Jeres.  I admit it. 

Some other snaps of vintage C. Jeres....from the likes of 1st dibs and ebay!


Signed original pom pom C. Jere sculpture from 1st dibs.
This is my favorite type of C. Jere.

Birds in flight sculpture.  1st dibs. 

Birds in the sun sculpture.  1st dibs.

Now, where am I going with this? 

Well, I would love a C. Jere for our den.  It would go right over our ridiculously enormous tv that sits atop one of my favorite pieces of furniture...our chinoiserie console.  (I would snap a pic, but it is currently being repainted and, therefore, the ridiculously enormous tv is sitting on top of trunks...)

I cannot afford said C. Jere.  Because of this financial blockade, I began researching other options for something "besides framed art work" to hang on the large wall over the ridiculously enormous tv. 

I was inspired by Anne Turner Carroll's use of this tobacco basket in her recent den makeover in Southern Living

I love tobacco baskets, but I think it may be a bit too much natural texture in our space considering our soon-to-be hung baskety light fixture (to replace stock fan). 

After much thought, I saw this guy on ebay and snatched it up, not knowing what it would look like in real life.

It was dirt cheap.  This is the pic from ebay.

Up close of sculpture on our kitchen counter. 

Now, do not be afraid.  I knew it was made of syroco.  I never planned to simply hang it on the wall in its current state.  I was aware that it would require some sprucing.  And, hence, I spruced.  This is a teaser. 

Because of a weekend filled with limo Kitchen Touring, completely overhauling our backyard landscaping, deck cleaning, power washing, trips to Lowes, and selling of rugs, I am too catatonic to post the finished product. 

So...on tap for this Easter week--

finished wall sculpture, Kitchen Tour snaps and stories, yard pics, more on sale via ebay and craigslist, and such excitement you will not want to keep yourself away from this blog.  Of course.   

I hope you had as wonderful and exhaustingly fun/ productive weekend as we had over in these parts. 



Just to get you pumped up for Kitchen Tour snaps and observations, I am going to leave you with this. 

It is a picture of a bar set up on one of the Uptown kitchens' porticos.  I will obviously discuss the kitchen with you, but it is likely more important that I discuss what is on this bar. 

Coconut Ciroc.

P.Diddy is on to something.  His Ciroc coconut vodka is seriously so delicious, it is lethal.  It tastes like sunscreen in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE.  It is not too sweet and the coconuty-sunscreeny taste is not overpowering at all.  A coconut vodka martini with a teeeny splash of pineapple juice may just be transcendent as the temps start to rise. 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Garage-a-Rama: "If you don't get it, I will."

Bebe and I took names at the Newman Garage-a-Rama (aka "upscale yard sale") that I blogged about last week.  We walked in, saw, and conquered within forty-five minutes.  We sort of stripped the place, leaving only gee-gaws and tchotckes in our midst. 

This is the way I dealt with Bebe, who is self-proclaimed as "indecisive."  I literally would say, "If you don't buy that INSERT FURNITURE ITEM, then I will."  So, indeed, she did. 

Here are her finds:

Petite settee with great lines.  Lavender sequin pillow not included.
Bebe is already shopping for a fabric with a pop of color for re-upholstery purposes. 

Mid-century bench.  All it needs is new upholstery.  It is perfect otherwise.  It would have been snatched in another five minutes.  If not by me, by another stalker. 

And now...drumroll, please.  My find of the week/month/summer. 

Done and done. 
It will be either refreshed in white or painted a snazzy bold color a la Garden House Decor  with kick a cushions.  I am leaning towards yellow table and chairs with black cushions with white piping or white cushions with black piping. 

Now, if you head to the yard sale (or any other yard sale event of this kind), here are some tips/insights:

1.   People are cut throat.  Ruthless.  Brutal.  Who knew?  Bebe and I were schooled by one of the volunteer workers.  She explained that we had to purchase and carry because people actually walk up and REMOVE YOUR SOLD STICKER in order buy the item you may or may not have just purchased!  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  Like wolves, these people are! 

2.  Get there even earlier than you think is early.  We thought we got to the sale early.  However, a couple of fab items had already been snatched.  I don't know how they could have gone earlier, but they did.  Some lucky duck has two gorgeous iron benches for the foot of her bed and another person has a really great vintage Tulane poster.  It would have been so neat in my complaints here, though.  I need to count my yard sale blessings.   

3.  Do not have reverse buyer's remorse.  I still am mad that I did not more strongly consider and snatch this retro wicker side table.  It would go in my non-conceived future daughter's nursery.  That is the sure fire way to an attic that looks like ours....which actually resembles the yard sale. 

The outdoor table and chairs painting project is beginning this very weekend.  We grilled tonight, and I wish we could have dined al fresco!  Soon enough. 



Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I am selling some items that are in great condition.  Parting with them is such sweet sorrow, but it is time to move on.  My loss is your gain!

The first of many is this Nate Berkus for HSN 5 x 8 kilim rug. 

It is in nice condition, but definitely used.  Sadly, we have learned that it is just too small to keep our tootsies warm on the tile floor in our den.  We have the orange and white version. 

Here is the listing on ebay. 

If you are interested in it and don't use ebay, shoot me an email and if it doesn't sell, it can be yours! 

I hope it goes to a good home because it is certainly a showstopper.  Please pass on the word to anyone who may be interested. 



P.S.  Some other exciting items to look for soon:  a 9 x 12 Pottery Barn jute rug, large wooden armoire from a great shop on Magazine, Crate and Barrel console, framed posters, etc.  Let me know if these previews sound interesting to you, and I can hook you up before they are listed on ebay or sent to Mr. Craig List. 

Who Benefits? (pretty) thought provoking

Mardi Gras Indian (member of Monogram Hunters tribe) at St. Joseph's Night parade in New Orleans

Art and design do not intersect enough with the law for my taste.  Hence, I thought this NY Times article (provided to me by my friend/former boss (!) at New Orleans Museum of Art) was fascinating. 

It begs the question....can clothing be copyrighted?  And, further, is haute couture or costume really "just clothes"? 

Personally, this article really struck home for me because my very first "I'm an adult" artwork purchase features none other than a Mardi Gras Indian.  It is possibly the most ethereal and painterly photograph I have ever seen. 

Photography by Shannon Brinkman.  Purchased from The Big Top in Nola. 

Thanks, Courtney, for forwarding such an interesting article.  I would love to hear your lawyerly and non-lawyerly thoughts on this issue if you are so inclined. 



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easy and Affordable Gallery Wall from Canadian House and Home

We have an incredibly loooong wall in our living/dining room that is begging for something fabulous and statement-making.  Definitely requires art that can fill the space and warm up our dining room without being too visually cluttered.  It is such a wide wall that the idea of hanging a painting (even an enormous one) seems kind of futile because it would appear to be a teeny dot in a sea of neutral plaster. 

I have thought about framed wallpaper panels, which could still be an option...

Canadian House and Home.

Southern Living.

Barrie Benson.

However, I truly believe that the perfect solution would be a gallery wall of black and white family photos, nifty art work and sketches, and maybe a small mirror or objet d'art. That being said, gallery walls require some serious planning as well as lots of frames.  I am all about the serious planning (and use of kraft paper templates), but, with no access to Ikea, that could be a $2K project for us (it is an enormous wall, I'm telling you!)  It will happen, but just not right. this. second. 

Love this art work gallery wall. 
Please advise me of the source if you know. 

This is a favorite gallery wall, too.  Courtesy of

Cottage Living.  Of course.

All of this being said, I recently came across this article and image on Canadian House and Home's website.

I loved this "grand yet affordable display using snapshots"

The accompanying article is so simple and easy, I included the text below:

House & Home Style Editor Stacey Smithers created this low-cost answer to a large-scale art investment by tacking black-and-white snapshots to a white-painted corkboard. Quirky and oh so personal, the two-tone collage presents a variety of photos as a single work of art and the images can be easily switched up on a whim.
Step 1

Choose a wood-framed oversize corkboard from an office supply store.

Step 2

Prime and paint the board and frame the same colour as the walls for a floating effect.

Step 3

Collect photos. Stacey re-sized her pics slightly smaller than the standard 4x6 for a more distinct look before transferring them to black and white, cropping and printing them with white borders.

Step 4

Tack on photos with clear pushpins. We arranged them in a quasi-pyramid, but feel free to get creative.
I think this project is stellar, especially for an office, kitchen or more casual photo display.  I have decided to tackle it for our den instead of previously mentioned gallery wall.  I am THINKING that I will do the small black and white photos on a canvas (painted white), though, and modge podge them to it for a more "finished" and permanent look.  Of course, I will show you the results! 

Thanks to Canadian House and Home for this inspirational idea.  If you try it, show me your efforts!



P.S.  I just had a panic attack.  I heard that The Real Housewives New Orleans is currently filming.  I really have nothing else to say except "Holy cat fight!"  I am DYING for any dets.  If you know any, I hope you are not witholding on me! 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Groovy Patio Furniture, Part XXVIIII

So, gimleters.   Recall the failed attempt at obtaining the spun fiberglass?  Remember the triumphant discovery (via Christine and Kristen) of the awesome chairs at Julie Neil?  Well, are you surprised that the afternoon before I arrived to snatch the chairs, they were snagged by another savvy shopper?  You shouldn't be, based upon my tumultuous history with patio furni.  (Bless the fabulous staff at JN who hooked me up with an order...they WILL be mine in June!)

Anyway, today, I discovered some pretty swingin' options for fun and vintage-inspired touches for your outdoor retreat.  Although not straight vintage through and through, here are more kicky options for the same look.  Thanks, CB2. 

CB2 igloo chair.

Tweeting bird feeder.  This may have to grace our front porch.

Tahiti stool for a swingin' 50s tiki bar touch.

 No secret that I love a bar cart...and this one is affordable and small for outside.  And, of course, could be painted with Rustoleum to the color of your liking. 

The search will never really end, of course.  I hope you enjoy the ride as I take you along with me...



I would really love one of these for the front porch.  A little funk to our bungalow. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Another easy upgrade courtesy of

Do you ever complete a project that is certainly not a showstopper, but from which you derive so much productive pleasure? 

That project was my installation of the new bamboo blinds this weekend on the two windows in our bedroom.  I am always proud of myself when I successfully drill and install something on my own...all without any adult supervision! (It is better that one hears the unmentionable words that are uttered  screeched or sees the tools that are thrown.  You know it's true.)

I kind of like the dreamy quality of this photo...and the fan chair, oh the fan chair. 
That is my vanity made from the West Elm Parsons desk.  Perhaps I will take some more snaps of my humble abode for you at some point! 

Just another snap. 

I LOVE the look of bamboo blinds (whether tortoise shell, matchstick, light, dark) under dramatic drapes...or alone.  These were purchased for $35.00 a piece from good ole  It is simply the best source for affordable bamboo blinds and outdoor rugs.  

Easy upgrade in my opinion....and now our bedroom is dark at night...after six months.  Score!



Monograms and Mimosas

Great theme for a bridal shower, birthday party or any other type of "showering" event.  Whether you are Super Southern (double "S"), Preppy Mc Prep, Cali Chill, Eco Chic, or Urban Warrior (and any combination of those...which most of us are), what girl doesn't love a stylish monogram? 

Something for every stye at Leontine Linens.

My sister's crew hosted a mongram wedding shower for her on Saturday,  and I must say that after sitting through all different types of showers for the past ten (plus) years, you become sort of immune to the gifts received (toaster, blender, towels, weird clock from Auntie Ida, Hooter Hider, rinse, repeat)  ...not this time! 

I was completely inspired by the ideas for gifts, both on and off the registry.  Some of my favorites included a fab tray from Fontaine Maury and a great set of waffle fabric travel bags and slippers....all with her new monogram emblazoned upon them. 

Fontaine Maury tray.

Love this party tub from Fontaine Maury as well!  We need these in Nola.  Alot. 

I loved the gift I gave my sis (among some of her registry items and some other goodies) because finding it was a perfect happy accident.  I searched ebay for weeks and weeks checking out items with a "W" monogram, preferably vintage.  I was thrilled and didn't think twice about "Buying It Now" when I saw this:

Vintage 1950s hankie in her wedding colors, navy and crisp white (she also has touches of pinks)!  Every bride needs a handkerchief and why not combine something old and something blue in one?

Check out some other items that a search for vintage initials yielded...I stuck to "W" for my sister's new last name as well as "E" for Elizabeth, her first name.  These are from ebay. 

Set of three funky "W" hankies

Vintage stick pin. 

Vintage cocktail ring.

Some of the best finds for vintage monogrammed items were actually on etsy

    Beautiful vintage "W" tea set.

       Love love this applique "W"

I don't care that my initials don't match the cipher (featured in middle), it is gorj!

I highly recommend doing some online searches for great vintage monogrammed finds, especially if you do not have access to constant estate sales, massively awesome flea markets, or auctions.  You can actually find some great stuff if you just continue to monitor, monitor, monitor. 

The blushing bride with her favorite friend, Frances.  All she needs is a cigarette and martini glass, and she is ready for a role in Mad Men!



P.S.  BIG NEWS.   My good friend from college and author of the constantly growing Birthday Girl Blog has agreed to do a guest post on hosting your own Monograms and Mimosas bash.  She has built quite a name for herself as a party planner and event designer extraordinaire.  Much like I am a displaced Cali girl at heart, she is a displaced Southerner at heart (who is a Cali native and currently lives in Oakland!)  Anyway, get ready to be wowed by her awesome ideas...and, in the meantime, check out Birthday Girl.  I have a link in my blogroll as well!  Looking forward to it, Becca!