Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Are you pinterested?

Pinterest.  Wow, it is addictive.  Like, scary addictive.  Are you pinning yet?  If you are, let me know, and I will follow you. 

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Don't blame me when you get fired from your job.



Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Reading

So...I know I have been hiding under a rock, but how did I miss Mom Filter?  Honestly, I would have read Mom Filter prior to having a kid.  The style section is chock full with inspiring spaces and some fun tips and sources.  Y'all may be like, "Duh,"  but I figured I should pass it along accordingly! 

Mobile photo project....the site is just full of easy breesy, fun ideas.   It kind of reminds me of apartment therapy maybe?



PS: OH, and if you haven't peeked already Lonny is all about Nola this issue.  Enjoy....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kitchen Person

I love interiors, obviously.  I could look at shelter mags and blogs all the day long.  However, I have always sort of noticed that I am not particularly a "kitchen person."  Very rarely am I one to rave about a kitch or rail against it.  I just don't care as much about kitchens as other things.  I also have no idea what I would even think to pick if I could design my own.  Weird, right? 

Well.  Did you see Jordana Brewster's house in InStyle this month?  Her kitchen really floats my boat.  It actually caused me to pause...super rare! 

I weirdly love that the cabinets are high gloss gray!  And, that thick counter slab.  Is it marble or some type of composite?  I can't tell.  Does anyone know?

Send me pics of your dream kitchens....I have no more than this one.  Again, weird, right?



Thursday, May 12, 2011

What my baby baby gets

Hey, y'all.  Nope, I'm not dead.  Nope, I didn't give up on Gimlet.  I just pray that y'all didn't give up on me. I swear I am trying.  I just have this tiny distraction that lives with me AND am starting a new job very soon.  Yay!  So...poor beloved Gimlet has suffered.  I know.  I hope I am not talking to cyberspace alone. 

Anyway....Happy Mother's Day!  I got the best presents ever for my first one.  Did I mention that these presents were delivered in scavenger hunt form?  Beau and Miller are the best dudes. 

Present No. 1....the. most. amazing. gift. ever. 

Simple Human TRASHCAN!

I have been asking for a new trashcan for about 2 years now. is mine!  And, it is no ordinary trashcan. It be fancy.  It be Simple Human.  I exclaimed to Beau, "I can't believe it is Simple really went all out."  His response, "What my baby wants, my baby gets." 

Present No. 2...

Wrapped Canvas Photograph of the Mill Man by Twirl Photography

It is pretty really does look like a piece of art.  His little face now stares at us while we watch TV.  I am excited because this is the beginning of a photo wall that has been 1,000 years in the making.  I am shopping on West Elm today for frames and will, of course, keep you guys updated.  I promise!

Please hang in here with me....if you are still here.  My posts will likely not be as substantive as before life as I knew it changed, but I really hope to get back on the stick.  I hope you will be with me for the ride.