Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Are you pinterested?

Pinterest.  Wow, it is addictive.  Like, scary addictive.  Are you pinning yet?  If you are, let me know, and I will follow you. 

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Don't blame me when you get fired from your job.



Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Reading

So...I know I have been hiding under a rock, but how did I miss Mom Filter?  Honestly, I would have read Mom Filter prior to having a kid.  The style section is chock full with inspiring spaces and some fun tips and sources.  Y'all may be like, "Duh,"  but I figured I should pass it along accordingly! 

Mobile photo project....the site is just full of easy breesy, fun ideas.   It kind of reminds me of apartment therapy maybe?



PS: OH, and if you haven't peeked already Lonny is all about Nola this issue.  Enjoy....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kitchen Person

I love interiors, obviously.  I could look at shelter mags and blogs all the day long.  However, I have always sort of noticed that I am not particularly a "kitchen person."  Very rarely am I one to rave about a kitch or rail against it.  I just don't care as much about kitchens as other things.  I also have no idea what I would even think to pick if I could design my own.  Weird, right? 

Well.  Did you see Jordana Brewster's house in InStyle this month?  Her kitchen really floats my boat.  It actually caused me to pause...super rare! 

I weirdly love that the cabinets are high gloss gray!  And, that thick counter slab.  Is it marble or some type of composite?  I can't tell.  Does anyone know?

Send me pics of your dream kitchens....I have no more than this one.  Again, weird, right?



Thursday, May 12, 2011

What my baby baby gets

Hey, y'all.  Nope, I'm not dead.  Nope, I didn't give up on Gimlet.  I just pray that y'all didn't give up on me. I swear I am trying.  I just have this tiny distraction that lives with me AND am starting a new job very soon.  Yay!  So...poor beloved Gimlet has suffered.  I know.  I hope I am not talking to cyberspace alone. 

Anyway....Happy Mother's Day!  I got the best presents ever for my first one.  Did I mention that these presents were delivered in scavenger hunt form?  Beau and Miller are the best dudes. 

Present No. 1....the. most. amazing. gift. ever. 

Simple Human TRASHCAN!

I have been asking for a new trashcan for about 2 years now. is mine!  And, it is no ordinary trashcan. It be fancy.  It be Simple Human.  I exclaimed to Beau, "I can't believe it is Simple really went all out."  His response, "What my baby wants, my baby gets." 

Present No. 2...

Wrapped Canvas Photograph of the Mill Man by Twirl Photography

It is pretty really does look like a piece of art.  His little face now stares at us while we watch TV.  I am excited because this is the beginning of a photo wall that has been 1,000 years in the making.  I am shopping on West Elm today for frames and will, of course, keep you guys updated.  I promise!

Please hang in here with me....if you are still here.  My posts will likely not be as substantive as before life as I knew it changed, but I really hope to get back on the stick.  I hope you will be with me for the ride. 



Sunday, April 10, 2011

Someone needs to buy this....

...and spray it in a white, hot turq, red, or kelly green!

Weirdly, from overstock.  I think it would look vintage if sprayed in a bright summer color!

Let me know if you make this must be done.



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Whew!  The past week has been an amazing whirlwind of wonderful family times.  Beau's entire family has been in town at varying intervals, and we have been completely spoiled with their helping hands and company.  Miller is such a lucky baby boy to be a part of the boisterous, loving, hilarious, and fun Haynes am I.

When some of them arrived via car, they brought with them a wonderful treat. 

vintage ele side table

My beautiful elephant side table is in perfect condition and looks perrrr-fect in the living room, and I love him for that.  But...even moreso, I love him because he belonged to a truly lovely lady inside and out, Beau's Grandma Nichols.  She recently passed away after living a long, adventurous, travel-filled life, replete with countless friends and family. Her stunning home was jam packed with unbelievably stylish and sentimental things, but my favorite item was the elephant side table (from a trip to India) in her study.  I am so very lucky to receive it!  Whenever I look at him as I open the front door, I am reminded of a gentle spirit, gracious host, and the closest thing to a steel magnolia the Midwest has ever seen.  Grandma Nichols' elephant sure beats all of the pachyderms being sold at high end stores for high end prices. 

Oh, and here is Dolores Miller Nichols' namesake, just for your viewing pleasure...



Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kitchen Tour

Not sure if you guys remember, but last year, I took y'all on a virtual tour of the Junior League of New Orleans Kitchen Tour.  Well, it hasn't happened yet, but the previews were sent out in this month's New Orleans Homes and Lifestyles Magazine.  Check out all of the kitchens here. 

That being said, many of them are very traditional and a little too, well, traditional for my taste.  Of course, I am sure that they are all beautifully executed and sit within incredible homes.  I will certainly check them out in person...just not in a limo this time around

Here are my two favorites of the bunch.

I wouldn't necessarily want this kitchen in my own home, but I applaud the owners for their risk taking, especially in a town where trad tends to still, overall, rule the day. 

I love the slick table paired with the softer chairs...although scarily impractical for my own kitch!

The formal write up:

bill metcalf and cindy chassaniol
1228 Pleasant St.
Sponsored by Stafford Tile & Stone

Bill Metcalf and Cindy Chassaniol created a contemporary white kitchen when they renovated their home in 2009.  Alex Tefel of ATH Painter Contractors Inc. served as the kitchen’s contractor, and Shawn O’Brien of Shawn O’Brien Interiors did the interior decorating. Cabinets by Design provided the white Brookhaven cabinets, installed by Becky Richard. The quartz and Corian countertops by Marques Countertops complement the pickled, bleached white flooring installed by ATH. The main lighting is by CX Design of New York and Jonathan Browning Studios of San Francisco, and there is also LED under-cabinet lighting. All appliances are from Cabinets by Design. The shattered glass backsplash from Stafford Tile & Stone tops off the immaculate modern look.

Can't wait to check this one out in person.  This home has been featured in a local design rag, and I am just itching to see the whole thing!

Formal write up:

nick mayor and jessica bride

1741 Coliseum St.
Sponsored by Nordic Kitchens and Baths

Nick Mayor and Jessica Bride completely gutted their Garden District home but were careful to save original architectural features, earning them a Renaissance Award from the Preservation Resource Center and New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles. After two years, their vision of a modern loft-like kitchen came to life at a grand 600 square feet. Bride, a graduate of New York’s French Culinary Institute, works for the corporate side of restaurants, so the kitchen was a vital part of the home renovation. Randall Shaw of Nordic Kitchens and Baths Inc. and Bruce McNally of BKLN Design Studio in Brooklyn did the interior decorating. The CaesarStone Blizzard countertops combined with the “Glass” Venetian Plaster wall finish – a custom color created and applied by McNally – brightens up the room. Rounding out the modern look is the Cellula Chandelier from Design Within Reach on Magazine Street. The layout was perfect for Bride and Mayor because, they say, it allows kids to run around without fear of hitting an open oven door – contemporary is kid-friendly in this home.

If you are in Nola, I highly recommend that you check out the JLNO Kitchen Tour on April 16, 2011.  If you are considering a kitchen renovation, it is a great source to meet contractors, renovators and get ideas. is also a fun thing to do if you are a looky loo like myself. 

Let me know if you are interested in trekking through the Garden District and Old Metairie with me!



Friday, March 25, 2011


I wanted to share Miller's announcement with all of my Gimlet readers.  I love the way it turned out.  I designed it with the help of the awesome Allison of The Stationer of New Orleans. 

If you are in Nola, I highly recommend The Stationer.  BUT, if you don't have access to it, my top suggestion is to always ask your local stationery store if they will design something in house for you...especially if they are willing to "be inspired" by a fancy paper line that you may like, but can't afford. 

The announcement included an insert of this pic in wallet size. 

I included a black and white version in the announcement, but I think the color looks great on the blog! 
This photo was taken by my talented friend Julie of Nola Baby.

I love looking at announcements....send me pics of yours if you have something you would like to share with Gimlet Nation! 

Happy Friday, y'all. 



P.S.  Another delightful source for announcements, invites, and stationery if, of course, Tiny Prints.  I am sure that most of you know about TP.    Talk about affordable and STYL-ISH with a ton of design options. 

A pic of baby boy's little thank you notes I recently ordered....

Cute, no?  The price was right!

Happy Friday, y'all.



Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stray Dog

I am likely slow on the uptake and you guys have seen this already, but....who knew?  Stray Dog Designs, a favorite of mine, has launched a small line for West Elm.  Unfortunately, most of the Stray Dog stuff is out of my price range, but the West Elm line is more affordable a la Isaac Mizrahi/John Derian/Thomas O'Brien/etc for Tar-jay. 

Super into the chandy....I wish it was bigger and would work in our dining room (yep, still no decision on that, BTW)

Like all of Stray Dog's signature designs, it is papier mache. 

Simple, yet statement piece. 

I also like the side table...

Fresh take on a garden stool with a nice small footprint.

I have a West Elm gift card burning a hole in my pocket and, sadly, the spine bookcases are no longer.  Perhaps I will be tempted by one of the Stray Dog items.  Luxe for less!



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tunic Time!

As I have told y'all before, I have a not-so-slight tunic obsession. My friends will even often text me pics of "dashikis" or tunics or "tunes" that they find for me and think that I should immediately purchase. Anyhoo, just thought I would share the tunic I must have after I shed the bambino weight. A tangible goal!

The toggle on the top KILLS me. 


Have you checked out Elizabeth McKay yet? One of my true faves these days!

Me want.



Monday, March 21, 2011

Nursery Reveal, Professional Pics

So many of you have asked for nursery pics over the course of my pregnancy and post Miller arrival.  Finally, I have some decent pics to share with you.  They do not capture all of the details of the room, but are beautiful pics and at least can show you the bedding, window treatments, etc.  I love Miller's nursery, and I hope you do too! 

I will take some more non-professional pics to show you other parts of the room.  Should you have any sourcing questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 

What do you think?



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sneak Peek of Miller and his Nursery...

I am so excited to share some initial pics of Miller's happy-place-where-he-currently-spends-no-time, his nursery, as well as Miller himself!

Check out the amazing work of Jennifer Zdon of Twirl Photography via her blog post today.  Pretty damn awesome in my humble opinion!  I will share the rest of the images when I receive them via disk.  Thanks to Jennifer for her shout to Gimlet as well.

Let me know what y'all think.



PS: Wow...motivation to get on the work out train in exactly two more weeks.  Yay!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Orleans A to Z

In honor of Miller's one month birthday, we had some professional photographs taken of the little guy.  This is not something we would typically do as we are usually low maintenance about such things, including "photo sessions" of us passing big milestones.  However, when we found Twirl Photography about six months ago, we knew we had to go with it!  Jennifer Zdon, owner of Twirl, takes incredibly natural and beautiful photographs.  Not alot of baby costumes or awkward family photo-type poses. 

Non-professional one month old pic of Miller.  I plan to take his monthly pics in the womb chair.
This picture cracks me up...he is "sitting" and looking sort of Hugh Hefner/Don Draper to me! 

Jennifer Zdon came to our home and was truly the most patient photographer ever...she stayed with us for two and a half hours, waiting calmly while someone cried and fell back asleep, then ate, then woke up, then got changed, then took one photo, then cried, then fell asleep.  You get the idea, no?

One of the reasons we chose Twirl is because we love Jennifer's book New Orleans A to Z, often having bought it for gifts for friends children and, of course, enjoying Miller's copy ourselves.  Have you checked it out before? 

If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you do so.  It is beautifully photographed. 

You can preview the book here

I will post some of Miller's pics when we receive them from Jennifer.  We are waiting on pins and needles to see them.  If you are interested in Twirl Photography, check out her site which has a link to her great blog, too!  




Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tiny Arrival

Gimlet Nation!! Is anyone out there who still checks in on us and reads this blog? anyone there?  I wouldn't blame you if you abandoned Gimlet.  I have been incredibly negligent of the blog, but for the greatest reason of my life. 

Our son, David Miller Haynes aka Miller Haynes aka Mill Dawg, Millster, Champagne of Babies, High Life, Binker, Gizmo, or Wolfie arrived on his due date, February 10, 2011 after a long pre-labor and quick labor.  Our obsession with him knows no bounds, and we are completely immersed in our new family life together, delighting in every move, wiggle, and cry he makes! 

Please be patient with me as I figure out how to gather the brain cells to post...I promise that I will be back.  I miss you guys and vow that I have not abandoned you or Gimlet.  I am just living in the moment like I have never done before and willingly devoting all of my time and energy into getting to know my sweet and beautiful son. 

In the meantime, I hope these pics satiate you. 

This is still my favorite pictures of my little Gizmo.  Taken about 5 minutes after he was born.

There is something about his expression here that cracks me up....and those lips!
Anyway, he is almost one month old here. 

I will be posting regularly soon....promise! 



Friday, February 4, 2011

Womb Status

Well, not really.  No sign of Baby Haynes.  Still nice and snuggled up, with no interest in entering the world right now.  I sort of is too cold! 

However, there is a sign of a chair for Baby Haynes.  It arrived on Tuesday via stork.  Behold the knock off womb chair. 

Here he is....just waiting for us to lounge and enjoy him and Baby Haynes. 

We ordered him from Bee Mod.  I would recommend this company with the caveat that the customer service is simply "okay."  They were unresponsive and first told me that the chair would ship in a week (score!) and then said that the chair would be not be ready for two months...and then "found some more in the warehouse."  It was a tad weird, but the pros are 1) PRICE....they were willing to accept my price match from Lexington Modern and 2) QUALITY.  I am very happy with the quality!  It is not from DWR, but, honestly, we are pretty much equivalently pleased with it...and did not spend $3,500.00! 

Feel free to ask any questions about my knock off womb search.  It is super comfy and stylish, in my humble opinion. 

Cheers and STAY WARM!!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Have you checked it yet??

High Gloss Magazine has premiered.  And it is delightful. 

Let's discuss more later. 



Friday, January 28, 2011

Pseudo Design Related, but...

...moreso just too cool/cute not to be shared!  I am betting that many of you have seen this via email forwards and the like, but if you haven't, I hope you enjoy this lady's creativity as much as I did/do. 

I really cannot imagine being inspired enough to even think of this.  I love it though and hope you will too, even if you are not particularly a "baby person."  The mom is a computer specialist from Helsinki who just decided to have some fun with her baby's naptimes. 

Which are your faves?  I can't resist the mini Buddhist and the book worm, personally. 

Have a wonderful weekend.  I promise I will be back on Monday....Baby Haynes is enjoying his/her time in the hot tub and is apparently not at all interested in greeting Gimlet Nation yet.  So....I will be here!



Thursday, January 27, 2011

Show Off

I know I told y'all about my sister's wedding this past Summer.  To me, it was perfect in every way for about 1,000 reasons.  Aside for the night of the big event, the execution of the details ahead of time was, of course, my favorite part.  We are still waiting on our orders of the professional pics and, as promised, I will one day share them with you. 

In the meantime, I have to brag a bit.  My sister and her husby are so pretty and handsome (and fun and charismatic), respectively, that Antoine's Restaurant (reception site) asked them to share a pic for its ad in the recent Gambit!  I have likely discussed Gambit before.  It is our weekly Nola political, shopping, current events, all around awesome local magazine.

Check it:

Aren't they adorable?
I wish you could get a better view of Lizzie's awesome poufy "reception veil" and her vintage sapphire earrings!  (For the record, their flowers did not include the white roses and baby's breath featured in the ad.)

Just thought I would share yet another teaser from el wedding.  I am sure we will finally have blog worthy pics by their one year anni!  



Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I know, I know.  My posts have been sporadic and not particularly intellectually stimulating to you these days.  Well, I am a sporadic and not particularly intellectually stimulating person these days.  Work and general life has not let up, despite the fact that I feel like each day is just borrowed time against the impending arrival of Bebe! 

So, I can only scrounge up about 1 brain cell every three days to post right now.  I promise, though...I WILL be back in the utter swing of things.  I miss y'all! 

Anyhoo, I thought you may want to see the rug I finally decided on for el nursery.  Now, I just have to bite the bullet and click "Add to Bag!"  It is just a hard click to make, considering the jog stroller that is also calling out to be purchased. 

Love it!  From Anthro, in a 3 x 5.  I am convinced it will "make the room" and, therefore, I am now laser focused on snatching it! 

If you have any other potential rug possibilities for Bebe Haynes' room, please speak now or forever hold your peace! 



Friday, January 21, 2011

A Deal's a Deal!

I love it when Gimleters send emails to me about things they like or saw on the blog.  I really love it when they send me emails to enforce what a good deal I secured!  (I then promptly send these emails to the auditor aka Beau so he knows how fiscally responsible I am....)

Check out these two finds over the past couple of weeks by two of my best Gimlet readers. 

Heather located this guy in the Times Picayune's Inside Out magazine and promptly sent this scan to me, noting the price.  Thanks, H! 

Check out Mr. "Traditionally Modern."  Look familiar? 
Before we move forward, note that Mr. Modern is metal and $1,095.00. 

Let me jog your memory. 

Can I get a "Look for Less!" chant going? 

Next.  Dear Emily sent me this picture yesterday, noting "This looks like your bulletin board from IKEA, but is from One King's Lane." 

I assume you don't need me to highlight the price. 

Let's review now.

I think this whole project, start to finish, was maybe about $45.00....
If I had done a mirror instead of cork, it would have been about $55.00. 

Copy Cat Chic, as you know, is one of my favorite blogs.  I feel like I experienced Copy Cat Chic in real life recently.  Any deals and steals of late that you wish to share?  They are apparently hidden around every corner...

Cheers and HAPPY WEEKEND!  The days are going soooo sloooowww for me right now. 


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Un Petite (Nursery) Project II

A couple of days ago, I posted about a tiny nursery project I worked on in about an hour one night.  Much in the same vein of non-groundbreaking, non-complex, simple nursery non-projects, I have completed another one.  In my slowing down state, completing any task in a timely and somewhat capable manner is blue ribbon worthy to me! 

So, without further ado....

I bought this frame from Ikea via Blue Bag (duh). 

Das Ung Drill for $29.00

And made a bulletin board for baby, a rotating display of art, sentiments, and fun things to show him or her, if you will.  Again, I am telling you that this did not require any creativity or skill, but I am quite pleased with the outcome!

Final product, which hangs above the changing area.

My friend Courtney made one for her kitchen a while back.  We were inspired by an InStyle magazine project.  Seriously, all you have to do is:

1. Spray paint your frame.
2. Remove the glass.
3. Cut out two pieces of cork, using the glass or the backing of the frame as a template.  I suggest buying cork rolls from Michael's or any other craft store.
4.  Glue the cork together (this is just to have two layers, making it thicker).
5. Place the cork pieces where the glass used to be. 
6. Hang and enjoy!

So far, we have the baby's only portraits (lentil bean sized and then apple sized, respectively!) and my shower invite on the cork board.  Of course, we also hung the card that was given to Beau's dad when he was born at Memorial Hospital in New Orleans.  I didn't want to poke a hole in it so I just wedged it behind the filigree. 

What are your thoughts?  An easy, peasy, satisfying non-project!