Monday, November 29, 2010

Hi, y'all!

Gimlet!  I hope everyone had a wonderful T-give.  I am sorry that I have been completely MIA.  I have missed you guys, but have been laid up with a disgusting ear infection (Am I 5 years old?) and sinus infection.  I hope that some of you are still reading the blog after my long absence. 

Well, there will be lots of posts now that I am back in the saddle.  Hint: My sis' awesome friend Anna tipped me off to an ah-mazing find at a consignment store on the Northshore of Nola. 

Here is the pic that Anna posted to my Facebook you KNOW what this is?
(and it is yellow!)

In the meantime, however, check out this great Cyber Monday post shared by one of my fave bloggers, Copy Cat Chic!  TONS of excellent coupon codes for any holiday shopping you need to get started on. 

Thanks for your patience, kiddies.  Um, BTW, I guess I kind of didn't really process the fact that when you are pregs, you can't take any medication except for Tylenol.  NOT delightful.



Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last Minute Dynamite Turkey Day Recipe: "Lucy's Pecan Pie"

Gobble, gobble from the vegetarian over here at Gimlet Eye!  Y'all know that I won't share complex recipes with you as adventurous culinary endeavors are not in my wheelhouse.  That being said, I try to hook you up with a couple of rave worthy showstoppers every now and then.  Hopefully this "Thanksgiving edition" will not disappoint!

I share with you my delightful pecan pie recipe taken from the best cookbook series of all time, "River Road Recipes" aka "River Roads."  Do you know about River Roads?  I hope you do....

In my opinion, River Roads and River Roads II, the original cookbooks published by the Baton Rouge  Junior League, are the seminal cookin' books for Louisiana recipes.  Often called "The Textbook of Louisiana Cooking," I use the series for all of my standards, including red beans and rice and roux (as does every mama and grandmama in the South!)

The River Roads series is actually the best selling community-based cookbook of all time.  Who knew?  It is delightfully kitschy in some ways as it was originally published in 1959.  I particularly enjoy the "Men Who Cook" section, in a tongue-in-cheek way, of course. 

Anyway, back on to my favorite recipe in the River Roads series.  Located in River Roads II, "Lucy's Pecan Pie" is literally the best pecan pie that "people" have ever tasted.  I say "people" because I actually don't eat pecan pie, but the ongoing rave reviews reinforces the fact that it is, indeed, the best!  In fact, my law firm even won a charity cooking competition with our mini versions of "Lucy's." 

The real reason that it is a winner in my book, however, is because it is EASY. 

Lucy's Pecan Pie

3 eggs
1 cup Karo syrup
1 cup light brown sugar
2.5 cups of sliced pecans
1 teaspoon of vanilla
1 pre-prepared frozen pie crust (I know, blasphemy!)

Using a wire whisk, mix the eggs and brown sugar together in a bowl.  Add the Karo syrup and pecans.  Gently mix.  Add the vanilla.  Pour the mixture into your pie crust.  Bake at 300 degrees for one hour and forty-five minutes.  Cool.  Serve. 

I know, ridiculously simple, right?  I am telling you, it is a crowd pleaser!!  Try'll like it.

If you are interested in ordering your own fresh copies of River Roads, you can buy it directly from the Baton Rouge Junior League.  It can also be found on amazon.  (I highly recommend trying to find a vintage copy, though, replete with someone's granny's notations and dog ears!)

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Gimlet Nation!  I am so abundantly thankful for so much, including each and every one of my gentle readers. 



P.S.  In my research for this post, I discovered that River Roads even has a Facebook page.  Pretty nifty!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The cute chair has been sold to the fastest Gimleter.  Thanks for playing, y'all! 
...more to come soon. 



Monday, November 22, 2010

Would you like this chair for the holidays?

Greetings, Gimleters!  Sorry for my radio silence.  Things at work have been, ahem, quite daunting and busy.  I also hit Houston with my mom and sis for some retail therapy this past weekend.  I will be sharing some of my finds with you shortly...

To get this Thanksgiving week started right, I thought I would offer Gimlet Nation first dibs on my cute den chair that I am selling.  I just posted it on CL, but I seem to have better luck with the Gimleters...and y'all seem to appreciate my design accidents more than Craigslist scammers. 

Email me if you are interested.  It is listed for $200.00, but I have also been known to give a Gimlet discount!  ;)  I purchased the chair about eight months ago, and it is in perfect condition.  Check out its cutie roller legs. 

Happy short Thanksgiving week!



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Want this, get that: Thonet Bentwood Rocker

I have come to the realization that the chair that currently resides in our living room is a bit too big/ awkward sized for the bebe's room.  Oh, and re-upholstering it will actually cost more than the chair at its time of purchase.  Forgot to mention that!  Soooo...I will actually be selling that little guy on craigslist (and Gimlet) in order to make room for the womb chair.  Stay tuned if you are interested! 

Anyhoo, I have been on the hunt for a comfy (aka high backed) vintage rocking chair for a couple of days now, to no avail so far.  I am not discouraged, though.   I have a plan!

I want this:

Lee Kleinhelter's nursery, featuring a vintage rocker with nubby apple green fabric
I know you have seen the Pieces Princess' nursery a million times, but have you ever really examined that rocker?  It is good looking.

However, a rocker like that beaut is hard to find.  The kind-of-similar one I spyed on 1st Dibs was, unforunately, in the four figure range and such a purchase would defeat the purpose of ditching my upholstery project for a more economical option. 

Enter the Thonet Bentwood Rocker (all CAPS), of course.

How many of you had/have these or a knock off? 
I have a soft spot for them and always have...

If you would like a 25 second history lesson on the beautiful bentwood design, click here. Something I learned today was that I have always pronounced Thonet as "tho-nay" but it is actually "Tone-ette."  Makes sense, considering he was Austrian, but I digress...

Anyhoo, there are some decent options on ebay.  Not all of them are original Thonets (and those that are, of course, are cost prohibitive), but I will not let that stop me...especially if I decide that the sucker should be sprayed white or even something more fabulous than white. 

Antique Thonet, listed on ebay for $1,497.99

Knock off listed on ebay for $99.00

My plan is to search around locally as I have received a hot tip (thanks, E.Lee!) that some Thonet-y looking rockers were at Salvation Army.  I also added a Craigslist search to my google feed and have alerted some local dealers that I am on the hunt. 

That being said, Gimlet Nation, please heed my call!  If you spy one of these rockers somewhere in or near Nola, will you contact me?  I promise you will be pleased with your finders fee! 



P.S. Speaking of Lee Kleinhelter, the One Kings Lane Tastemaker Sale is featuring her selections today.  Um, there are some bentwood pieces on there.  Of course!  Check it out even if just for the eye candy and inspiration! 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nursery Sneaky Peek

Since I strive to share the good, the bad, and the ugly on the Gimlet, I am showing you the very first, non-styled nursery pics.  I thought you would want to see the pitch perfect gray (as well as the bamboo blinds + chevron drapes + Fillsta Ikea pendant) in action! 

You are welcome to visit Chez Gimlet anytime to check out the gray in person.  I am so pleased with it, but it does translate differently in person versus camera. 
 Jenny Lind crib is laid out and ready to assemble. 

Close up of the drapies.
*If you need the information for the ultimate seamstress, email me.  You will never be disappointed in her exacting work!

Detail of the Fillsta.
It only took 5 adults to put it together. 

I hope you like what you see so far and that this excites you for what is to be revealed next!  I must say, designing this room has been my favorite project of all time thus far (and there is still so much more to do...and for you to see!)



Friday, November 12, 2010

Fire Sale!

More to come later, ladies and gents.  However, in the mean time, I had to immediately share some information on super deals and steals with you this morning. 

Local New Orleans artistes, Amanda Talley and Hayley Gaberlavage, have launched Transport Studio, a fire sale art marketplace!  Lucky us, right? 

For three days, enjoy deep deep discounts on their stunning paintings...just in time for the holidays!  The prices range from about $250.00 to upwards of $5,000.00.  Transport Studio will continue to feature up and coming artists as well as old favorites at reasonable prices.  Cannot wait. 

I found out about this amazing art buying opportunity the old fashioned and Facebook, but Casa Sugar and Style Court also posted about it today.  Loving the nods to our Nola artists in the blogosphere.

Check out the portfolio section and tell me which are your faves.   I am lusting after Amanda's framed water colors.  Tres bien!!


P.S.  MORE LATER....I will be revealing sneak peek I of Project Nursery.  Don't get too is pretty much paint, light fixture and window treatments, but I am pumped nonetheless! 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are you experienced?

Um, has anyone ever purchased this item?  Let me give you a hint.  It is from a place that starts with a "W" and ends with a "mart." 
I am completely intrigued by the fact that this seemingly cute rug is only $124.00 for the 5 x 8.  That being said, and I am clearly not a design snob (as you hopefully have gathered!), does it smell like chemicals or is it scary scratchy?  I don't even think twice about buying from the Tarj, but Walmart?  Hmmm....

Please review the full link here and issue any opinions you may have, outlining any experiences you may have with Wally World rugs.  I am thinking it could be a good alternative to the $2K Maddy Weinrib that is likely not a good idea for a baby-destructive todder's room!  ;)



Friday, November 5, 2010

Did anyone have this?

Um, we did!!  As ohdeedoh called it, "the elusive goose lamp," was indeed a fixture in our childhood bedroom.  Or at least it was in my sister's.  I wonder if it was swept away in Katrina or if it still stuffed somewhere in an attic? 

Read the funny entry on ohdeedoh here.

SO, on this beautiful very chilly Friday, what say you?  Is the goose lamp "magestically quirky" (aka fab) or just plain fug? 



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wonderful and Whimsical

I love when I get an email from a friend sharing something really awesome that she or he has recently done, created, or launched or passing something along that one of her or his family or friends have done, created, or launched.  The word of "mouth" (aka text or email, these days) is the most effective way to share neat new are, of course, blogs! 

Imagine my excitement when my friend Tristan passed along the new business of her friend, Meredith.  The beautiful line of fabrics, wallpapers (!) and textiles is wonderfully called "The Whimsey Chronicles."  Isn't that just a delightful name?

Anyway, here is a small sampling of the unique merch:

"African Cuff" fabric in lapis lazuli
(available in 4 colorways plus custom!)

"Cameo" fabric in Jade

The fabrics would be wonderful on small accent pillows or upholstery on a great set of footstools.  Inspired!

Featherleaf a variety of colorways as well.

Love the selection of pillows!

I simply adore the boho preppy inventions of The Whimsey Chronicles.  So very John Robshaw meets Lilly Pulitzer. 

You can by your very own Whimsey Chronicles items on etsy here and check out its lookbook here.  It is definitely worth a look see if you are interested in something unique for your walls (or upholstery!)



PS: Did you vote????

Monday, November 1, 2010

A (tiny) Nursery Update

Here is evidence that the nursery is "coming along," but just that.  It is nowhere CLOSE to being even organized, much less looking like a room that a small child could inhabit without ingesting a toxic substance, cutting him/herself on an inappropriately-stored glass tchotchke, or strangling on a variety of blind pulls, curtain returns, etc. 

That being said...

Ignore my foot, paint cans, and random box....the fabric for the drapes has arrived!  I have delivered it to our highly-adept seamstress, and it will hopefully return soon in the form of the window treatments I designed!  

An online version of the fabric....from Premier Prints, one of my fave resources for affordable fabric options.

The look I really wanted was apparently impossible to execute in a manner that would not cost an arm and a leg and would not end up looking like shitake (I am not a seamstress and have no idea of the technicality involved in making these...)

Michelle Adams via Lonny via Decorpad
Have y'all ever seen this fabric?  Maybe I am missing something, but I truly cannot find it.

Oh, and a HUGE thank you to Gimlet Nation for its concern and assistance with selecting the gray paint color for the walls.  Um, why was that such a cluster/ procedure?! 

The winner is a shade lighter than Sherwin Williams' "Misty" (SW 6232).  It is perfectly gray, not too blue, not too brown, and not too lavender. 

Even a bit lighter than this...

I will keep y'all posted as the project continues to develop...I hope you are interested in it.  Of course, if you find anything that you think would complement the soft yellow and gray scheme, let me know!