Friday, January 29, 2010

Corps de Tutus

I cannot take any credit for the popularity that a gaggle of little girls along the Uptown parade route will soon gain. It is courtesy solely of my friend, Julie.

What will cause grown women and their Mardi Gras rugby shirt-wearing children to stop in the streetcar tracks, stare, and inquire, "Where did you get that?!" or squeal "That is so adorable!" ?? Why, the homemade "no sew" tutus Julie and I have created (err--will create), of course!

On one of her short eight mile runs one weekday morning, Julie was distracted by the precious tutu in the window of the chi chi baby store on Magazine, Angelique Baby. She says she is not crafty, but, without any prompting, she declared that she was going to make one for her little girl, Lucy. In my usual style, I was overbearing eager to join in the crafty fun. After scouring one too many youtube videos, making an insane amount of pilgrimages to scary craft stores with stained carpets, and some minor trial and error, we are in business!

No longer, however, are we making just une tutu for Lucy. Nope. We are creating at least one for Lucy, one for our visitor, Cup Cate, and, um, twelve for Julie to take to "Parent Involvement Day" at Lucy's school. Then, of course, the multitudes of adult tutus in both Mardi Gras colors as well as Saints colors. We have pre-orders, thank you very much.
Now the kitchen looks like a 1950s prom dress exploded and Beau is looking at me with fear. I know he is thinking, "What project is she working on now and how will it devalue my new house?" as I continue to maniacally cut three (or six, based upon the size, of course) inch strips of tulle. All of the toiling is worth it though....if I can avoid wearing a nudie suit on Mardi Gras Day AND spread the costume wealth to at least fifteen little revelers, then we have succeeded.

Without further ado, behold, the delightful confections...

Here is the tiny tu...I wish my waist was 21 inches. I think it would make a festive collar for a canine carnival!

Here is the tiny tu next to the big 'un. I think they look quite professional.

Here is the link to the helpful video made by our girl, Julie F (Poor Julie F. doesn't know that she is our girl...)

as well as the link to the awesome Angelique Baby if you want to avoid all of this fun and buy one for your very own King Cake bebe...



P.S. Email me if you want more detailed/ further instructions.
P.P.S. The tutus can be worn by boys too. This is an equal opportunity blog. Just sayin'.

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