Friday, February 4, 2011

Womb Status

Well, not really.  No sign of Baby Haynes.  Still nice and snuggled up, with no interest in entering the world right now.  I sort of is too cold! 

However, there is a sign of a chair for Baby Haynes.  It arrived on Tuesday via stork.  Behold the knock off womb chair. 

Here he is....just waiting for us to lounge and enjoy him and Baby Haynes. 

We ordered him from Bee Mod.  I would recommend this company with the caveat that the customer service is simply "okay."  They were unresponsive and first told me that the chair would ship in a week (score!) and then said that the chair would be not be ready for two months...and then "found some more in the warehouse."  It was a tad weird, but the pros are 1) PRICE....they were willing to accept my price match from Lexington Modern and 2) QUALITY.  I am very happy with the quality!  It is not from DWR, but, honestly, we are pretty much equivalently pleased with it...and did not spend $3,500.00! 

Feel free to ask any questions about my knock off womb search.  It is super comfy and stylish, in my humble opinion. 

Cheers and STAY WARM!!



  1. If I was Baby H, I would certainly stay put until it warmed up! Brrrr, it's freezing. I love the chair! What color did you go with? Is it a brown?