Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kitchen Person

I love interiors, obviously.  I could look at shelter mags and blogs all the day long.  However, I have always sort of noticed that I am not particularly a "kitchen person."  Very rarely am I one to rave about a kitch or rail against it.  I just don't care as much about kitchens as other things.  I also have no idea what I would even think to pick if I could design my own.  Weird, right? 

Well.  Did you see Jordana Brewster's house in InStyle this month?  Her kitchen really floats my boat.  It actually caused me to pause...super rare! 

I weirdly love that the cabinets are high gloss gray!  And, that thick counter slab.  Is it marble or some type of composite?  I can't tell.  Does anyone know?

Send me pics of your dream kitchens....I have no more than this one.  Again, weird, right?




  1. I loved that high gloss gray as well. I love that it doesn't feel cold even though it's not overtly warm and inviting.

  2. Your kitchen is so beautiful and so clean. I love it! I love all the open space and all that wonderful light shinning through, just gorgeous!! Thank you so much for sharing.