Friday, November 5, 2010

Did anyone have this?

Um, we did!!  As ohdeedoh called it, "the elusive goose lamp," was indeed a fixture in our childhood bedroom.  Or at least it was in my sister's.  I wonder if it was swept away in Katrina or if it still stuffed somewhere in an attic? 

Read the funny entry on ohdeedoh here.

SO, on this beautiful very chilly Friday, what say you?  Is the goose lamp "magestically quirky" (aka fab) or just plain fug? 




  1. True WTF?!! Lizzie had this in your shared room??? I have never seen this before, let alone in your room! The verdict....FUG!!

  2. That thing creeps me out - it has beady little red eyes...

  3. True. This could be an item that could give Baby Haynes a life long fear of ducks/birds. Much like clowns used in low budget horror films of the 70s and 80s!

  4. To be fair though, I'm easily creeped out. I fundamentally cannot watch commercials containing the Snuggle bear without cringing. Again, it's the beady little eyes. lol