Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stray Dog

I am likely slow on the uptake and you guys have seen this already, but....who knew?  Stray Dog Designs, a favorite of mine, has launched a small line for West Elm.  Unfortunately, most of the Stray Dog stuff is out of my price range, but the West Elm line is more affordable a la Isaac Mizrahi/John Derian/Thomas O'Brien/etc for Tar-jay. 

Super into the chandy....I wish it was bigger and would work in our dining room (yep, still no decision on that, BTW)

Like all of Stray Dog's signature designs, it is papier mache. 

Simple, yet statement piece. 

I also like the side table...

Fresh take on a garden stool with a nice small footprint.

I have a West Elm gift card burning a hole in my pocket and, sadly, the spine bookcases are no longer.  Perhaps I will be tempted by one of the Stray Dog items.  Luxe for less!



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  1. I haven't seen this line yet, I REALLY like the chandy and stool!