Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tunic Time!

As I have told y'all before, I have a not-so-slight tunic obsession. My friends will even often text me pics of "dashikis" or tunics or "tunes" that they find for me and think that I should immediately purchase. Anyhoo, just thought I would share the tunic I must have after I shed the bambino weight. A tangible goal!

The toggle on the top KILLS me. 


Have you checked out Elizabeth McKay yet? One of my true faves these days!

Me want.




  1. LOVE the dashiki. The color and pattern are very cute. And I maintain that the baby weight is already gone!

  2. Yee! As you well know I am always up for Tunic Time! And I agree with jennifer that you can rock that baby (no pun intended) right now, for what is more flattering than a tune?...According to women and not men, as previously discussed ;)