Friday, July 23, 2010

Delightful Deal/Dwell

I am certain that you have seen this good looking bedding from Dwell as it shuffled through the interwebs at a lightning fast pace a couple of months ago.  If you are like me, you drooled at the sight of the chinoiserie pattern and rich jewely color palette. 


Well, lucky me.  Mary (Gimlet commenter extraordinaire) also had a penchant for the bedding (along with the rest of bloggy land) and purchased it for her master bedroom.  However, she knew that using both the duvet and the euro shams would be too much for her space.  SO....she offered me the "chance" to buy the shams only from her for my guest room.  This was a perfect deal, since I already have an oldie but goody Dwell duvet and regular shams in the guest room now!  (I didn't need the whole new set, but was pitter pattering over just using the Euros behind my other shams.)

I have been trawling the interwebs for a pic of my now-discontinued Dwell bedding to show you this potential combo.  Now, unfortunately, you will have to wait for a real live shot of the room in action to make a determination about whether you like the combo or say no to the combo.  Hold on to your hats!



P.S.  I may have to take some pics of the room in the am as I am hitting Bayona tonight with some of my lawschool girl friends.  YUM.  If you haven't checked out Bayona (in real life or online), I HIGHLY suggest that you do! 

P.P.S.  IF the shams don't work in my space, Mary has already authorized me to offer Gimlet Nation the shams for a reasonable price, prior to my putting them up on ebay.  My potential loss, could be your gain. 


  1. DYING!!! LOVE the set! I want first dibs on the shams if you relinquish!

    Yum, have fun at delightful Bayona!

  2. I have been eyeing some Dwell bedding recently! We move home two months from today, and the reality that we'll have new digs soon makes me decor crazy. West Elm has some pretty bedding out right now too, and did you know they've teamed up with Benjamin Moore a la Pottery Barn and have paint colors that are to die for! So exciting!

  3. Nola!
    There will be so many fun decorating projects for you to tackle in your new space! CANNOT wait to read all about it!

  4. I can't wait for you to share photos of those beauties in your space!