Friday, July 9, 2010

Rockstar. Lawyer Turned Entrepreneur.

Happy Friday, Gimlet Nation!

I have a great story for you today.  So.....a long long time ago, in a period I sometimes can't remember (a.k.a. Pre-Katrina), I became friends with the dynamic Sara Wenande (now Sara Bloom).  She and a close friend of mine worked a couple of floors above me at another law firm in our building.  They were some of my earliest lunch buddies/ "being a newbie lawyer is sucky!" pals, and our weekends were filled with some serious carousing.  (Reminder, this was over 6 years ago, people...there was far more energy and far less responsibility coursing through all of our veins!)

Here she is!

Flash forward five years, two kids, multiple job changes, a move away from Nola, many real estate transactions, a wedding, a life-changing flood, you get the drift.  The world is now completely different from those pre-Katrina times.  While two of us still practice law, Sara has launched a truly amazing business and has left the firm life behind.  (Not surprising, considering that Sara is a keen, savvy business lady and negotiator.)

What is her cool biz I speak of?  From her site...

Oliver B is a modern day version of a stylish and vibrant baby bedding company, but with a mission unlike any other: saving infant lives. Oliver B is the first and only company to offer traditional crib bedding that decreases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), the leading cause of death of infants less than 1 year of age. With its one-of-a-kind Ventilated Crib Bumper System, Oliver B has forever changed the baby bedding industry by providing babies with a safer sleep environment and parents with peace of mind.

Sara named her new company after her son, Oliver.  She now has another son, Owen, too!

The site is so informative and thorough...and features pics of adorable babies modeling the revolutionary products. 


The crib sets are affordable, unique and, most importantly, safe. 

A 6 piece set for $299.00, which, of course, includes Oliver B's patented ventilated bumper system.
Sara has plans to sell the ventilated bumpers via the site for under $100.00 as well.

Bamboo onesies.

Cutie stroller blanket set. 

Let's discuss the real awesomeness behind the stroller blanket set.  For every set you purchase, Oliver B gives one away to a baby in need through its "Endless Blankets" program.  The Endless Blankets program provides babies in need around the world (and in the United States) with their very own special blankets. 

Things are blowing up big for Oliver B.  It was featured in the Houston Chronicle two days ago.  You can learn more about Sara's motivation and the products in the article.  My favorite quote from the article, BTW... "It's a really good way to give back. I didn't get that kind of good, warm feeling a lot of time when I practiced law."  (LOVE IT!)

I suggest that you check out Oliver B (or pass it on to expectant friends or potential merchants).  I promise, promise, promise this is NOT the last time you will hear of this dynamic new company. 

Good job, Sara!  I am proud of you. 



P.S.  Speaking of law/legal/lawyer.  Y'all already know that I don't receive any moolah from talking about cool companies, products, events, etc.  Unfortunately, I am unable to support a lavish lifestyle based upon this blog.  I currently only write it for fun! 



  1. I love it when I read about a woman following her dreams and finding success. It's even better that her success helps create a healthier and better world!

    I know a soon to be mommy who will be getting a stroller blanket very soon!

  2. Oh the good ole days of pre-Katrina at the Ivory Tower and carousing!

    I love all of the Oliver B merchandise and can vouch for how cute and cuddly it is in person.

    Great post!

  3. the bumper is GENIUS!! thanks for sharing!

  4. I am so inspired... I say we open our travel/wine/interior design/party planning business that we always talk about... PAOLA

  5. Very cool! I sent this post to my friends in pre- and post-delicate conditions.

  6. Yes, great post. I adore hearing of cottage industries being successful and people doing what they love, particularly by those you know and love. I have no use for Olly B currently but I have several neighbors/friends who are all in full "bloom" so I will pass this news along!

  7. Loving this! And, on your "p.s."...all in good time, my friend!!