Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Reader Updates

I am super excited to share with you two fun "afters" that were submitted to me by some of my favorite Gimleters. 

Remember the upscale yard sale that Bebe and I stalked/picked clean wayyyy back in March?

Just a refresher.  This is the settee we snatched on the spot for Bebe. 

And, here she is now...

This fabu fab had me at hello...and Bebe agreed!  I think the settee looks divine and will be a perfect addition to her study/office area. 

Now, another Gimleter, Mary (Happy Birthday, Mary!), was inspired by this post and even mentioned in the Comments that she was yearning to paint her very own door a fun color, but wasn't sure which direction to take with it.  We don't have a before pic, but Mary's door used to be a stained wood....pretty, but not the pop! that it has now...

Isn't that blue a fun accent against her slatey wooden siding?

Oh, Gimleters, aren't small changes fun and inspiring in the heaty doldrums of the summer?  Keep 'em coming.   Who doesn't love the occasional before and after?




  1. I just painted my bathroom that same blue! I love it...did I say it was really blue? Now I'm thinking about my front door too. I've got paint left over...tee hee...

  2. Both projects turned out fabulously!!!!

  3. These "afters" are fantastic!!

    So here's my pickle - I like the exterior look of Southern or Charleston style homes, but the design aesthetic I want for an interior is decidedly more contemporary. Any ideas on how to blend the too?!?!

  4. Both of these turned out great! I would never have thought that settee would turn out so cute. Good eye!

  5. Wow, the settee looks awesome! And I love Mary's door! You go girls!

  6. Thanks! Had some paint leftover from painting my back steps and a couple of adirondak chairs and figured I should put it to good use! Next up for painting are the front steps (I'm thinking a dark navy) and replacing the FUG mailbox.