Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I am alive, I promise.  As many of you may know, I have been otherwise disposed, tending to the bride, aka my dear sis, visiting with my closest friends and family from around the country, dancing to the vocal stylings of BRW, dining at Commander's and Antoine's, watching Jeremy Davenport at the Ritz French Quarter Bar for two nights straight, getting a pedi at the Guerlain spa, tearing up and full on boo-hoo crying a bit, and, overall, having the time of my life!

Now, I am back to reality and my sister and new brother in law are in Bermuda for twelve days.  Rats for me.

I will definitely, 100%, share some pics with you, once Jeannie Frey Rhodes, photog extraordinaire, sends us some sneaks.  In the meantime, you will have to gaze upon the drunken shots provided to me by one wedding guest (and standard Gimleter, Courtney).  At first, I wasn't going to post them, but I actually think they are great fun and capture some of the essence of the truly unique and wild wedding perfectly! Be prepared, however, for true randomness.  No photojournalistic details here, but Courtney did a fantastic job...

First up.  My husband, Beau.  You can gather what the groomsmen wore as well as note the beautiful orchids on their lapels.  (Blue seersucker suit, with pink and navy "rep" ties)

Hand gesture for "Synergy."  The term used by Beau all weekend when certain people, destined to meet for literally years, finally came together...preferably for a picture.

Sisters talking at the VERY end of the night at the French Quarter Bar at the Ritz.  I include this pic to demonstrate the delightful poufy reception veil that Lizzie put in to replace her beautiful cathedral length veil and blusher from the ceremony as well as to share my Betty Draper hair in full effect.  Our earrings are both vintage.  Lizzie's hair was obviously far "fresher" before midnight. 

Betty Draper's hair, a bit fallen after a long night of rocking out. 
...you get the orchidy drift, though.

The beautiful blushing bride, likely being told something dirty by her bestie, Andrew.  Her make up is still on, even after nine hours of fun!

More like it.  Here is a snap of the gift boxes we assembled for each out of town guest.  Pink and navy grosgrain, securing a vintage Antoine's postcard with a note from the bride and groom.  I figured Gimlet Nation would be more interested in this detail than my sweaty party shots!

...or maybe not. 

Here I am with Andre, my Mardi Gras baby.  My friends from DC bring him to Mardi Gras each year to assist them in catching "something for the baby!"  Well, bringing Andre to "family" events has become a requirement, so, of course, he came to wish Lizzie and Craig good tidings on their wedding day. 

Bridesmaids wore the Julia wrap dress from Calypso.  Hallelujah!  Fits everyone, doesn't cost $500.00, and I am planning to wear it to a party this weekend.  Could not ask for more.

I hope these snaps satiate any need or interest you had in seeing wedding pics from the past weekend.  I seriously have not received or seen any more than these!  Kind of hilarious, actually.  I am planning on writing a big mamma-jamma post about all the wedding details, which I hope will provide you with ideas for your own event, inside or outside of Nola. 

In the meantime, thank you for checking in on us and for your well wishes!  Let's just say that a truly wonderful time was had by all, particularly the wedded couple, which is the most important part, right?



P.S.  Now, onto something unrelated-ish.  My dear friend, Jody, has started a most delightful blog himself.  I highly suggest that you check it out, particularly if you love good, Southern cooking and entertaining.  Among our friends, Jody is the standard chef for all events. He has wowed us for years, whether catering an event or an intimate dinner.  I promise you will become an avid reader of The Kingfish Menu if you even peek at it for a few minutes.  He writes just as he speaks, hilariously, engagingly, and honestly.  I am already a big fan of TKM and highly recommend it to you! 



  1. Your hair looks fabulous! I love the Mad Men inspiration and the bangs! I can't wait to see more pics. These are fun and adorable!

  2. Synergy! Something for the baby! Kingfish menu! I love everything about this post. And I know Andre is tickled by the public recognition from Mommy.

  3. The pictures are fabulous - totally candid!
    Can't wait to see your whole post on all things NOLA wedding.
    Mad Men Sunday night!!! Whoo hoo!!!

  4. I did love Lizzie's reception veil! So fun and elegant!

  5. Looks like a vey fun wedding - can't wait to see more! I also can't wait to see Mad Men on Sunday *yay*

  6. Lovely! So glad it came together perfectly! Saw pics of Lizzie on FB and the dress was divine! I'm now so incredibly jealous that Lizzie and her new hubs get TWO weeks of honeymooning!

  7. Oh, fabulous!!!! Where do I start? I'll provide an itemized list of comments:

    I. Your hair is so glossy and beautiful.
    II. I love your husband. This probably isn't big news, as I feel like I've loved him most of my life. He looks dashing in seersucker, which is a lovely southern touch that I totally couldn't pull off in Indiana.
    III. I saw more photos on FB, and was highly entertained by the attire of the band. They looked so fun!
    IV. Your sister looked beyond gorgeous. I love the idea of changing the veil. I'm wearing a blusher for ceremony and a feather for the reception.
    V. The bridesmaid dresses are very classic and versatile. My gals probably won't be wearing their pink frocks anytime soon.
    VI. I'll stop now, since I'm terrible with roman numerals. Oh, and do assure Lizzie that I'm perfectly harmless and not a stalker:)

  8. These are great pictures! Best Wishes to the newlyweds:)

    Jessie, I am a little disappointed, I was hoping you would go for "Betty Draper in Rome" hair!

  9. OMG, I can only aspire to Betty in Rome! I would cry for that look! LOL!

  10. Congrats to your sister!!! The seersucker suit is perfectly NOLA! Love that you mentioned Jeremy Davenport! He is my favorite, and I happen to be listening to "We'll Dance 'till Dawn" as I write this comment.

  11. The wedding was practically perfect in every way, and not to mention hella fun! The gift box came in mighty handy, especially the Zapps and Alka Seltzer!