Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pre-fab (ulous)

Since Beau has dashed my dreams of our ever owning an Airstream (or rehabbed Casita, Shasta, you get it...), I have had to think creatively.  The open road, unfortunately, will not be mine, but what about a teeny plot of land somewhere with our very own pre-fab cottage set atop it? Perhaps near a beach or on a lake....

I found this beaut with a simple "rehabbed Airstream" google search...I am cackling to think of what our neighbor's would say! 

I have been obsessing a bit over the pre-fab/plot of land idea, particularly since I saw this article on Sunset Magazine's website about a couple who "gets off the grid" in their pre-fab fab cabin. 

Pre-fabricated cottage, placed a rugged hill's edge in Oregon. 

The couple built "The Signal Shed" for a total of $57,000.00, including the land.

The industrial-rustic cabin does not have electricity or running water.  BUT, there are many pre-fab options with all the bells and whistles, like toilets! lights! heat!

The Sunset article included some other excellent pre-fab cabin companies, with some of the choices eclipsing my regular home. 

I thought this guy was an excellent option...and costs only a bit more than The Signal Shed.
This teensy cabin, by Modern Shed, starts at $25,000.00.  I think it would also be a great backyard retreat...if you (or me) can't afford the land part of the "buy land" section of this plan.

Action shot of the Modern Shed cabin being used as a yoga studio.

A full family home by Modern Shed. 

Oh, and side note.  You can go pre-fabulous with a space that is certainly not a cabin (see above).  Check this one out. 

The Rincon by Mamol Radziner pre-fab.  It starts at $179,000.00 and includes the deck.

This Mamol Radziner option is anything but a shed. 

I highly recommend that you play around on these sites and let your imagination take over! Pool houses, cabanas, yoga retreats, offices, studios, you name it....

In the meantime, I may have to save my pennies and go off the grid in my own backyard....

DWR teepee.  I am digging it.

Do any of you gentle readers have a modern pre-fabricated home and/or small structure?  I would love to hear about it, if so.  Do tell!




  1. Love the idea of a yoga spot in your own backyard!

  2. I really like the Radzinger options. Is it me, or do they have a MCM feel to them?

  3. I am so intrigued with this idea, I need to digest it and research it. Fabulous. I love the small space idea; so simple.

  4. The teepee is descriptive of the tribal dance I am doing right now... Set me me up with one of these babies in the desert and I will happily become a mutant denizen, only emerging for supplies. Want. Want. Want it now!!

    And actually looking at these, I think the house we rented in Joshua Tree might have been a prefab, and it was awesome!

  5. Great post... You should check out Rocio Romero's prefab homes -


  6. Thanks for the tip, Paola. I did....UN-believable!

  7. Tee-pees are notoriously for sale at all times about 10 miles from my house. Not. Kidding.

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