Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cotton Candy

PLEASE tell me I am not the only person who literally became unglued at the mere sight of the fabulous Trudy in all of her cotton candy glory on this week's Mad Men epi? 

(My dear friend Emily coined "cotton candy glory" so I must give her full credit...she also provided the below pic from online.  Thanks!)

I think she is supposed to be about 9 months pregs. 

Beau has suggested that this be my own Halloween costume this year.  Can you imagine?  The sight of such an atrocity would burn my neighbors' retinas off of their eyeballs!  ...but it would be completely perfect, too. 




  1. Mad Men needs more Trudy! Is it supposed to be pregnant lingerie, or just standard 60s pjs?

    My vote is still a preggers Betty as your Halloween costume.

  2. DYING! Tripp and I were literally rolling on the floor with this one. We cannot imagine me walking in with something like that on. TOO MUCH..UNCLE!!!

    And, I totally agree with Jennifer - do Betty for Halloween. LOVE IT!

  3. I loved the cotton candy nightie! Man, was it short though!! Ha!

  4. Love it, I'm finally going to catch this episode tonight!

  5. Trudy of Preggers Betty. We know you can rock the hair. Off to NYC. I can't decide if i want to channel Carrie B or Rachel Zoe. heck, the way i packed, i can play both (on a pauper's budget!) Kim

  6. You are Betty!!! Do it up preggers for Halloween!!
    I did almost choke on my coke when she walked out. So much pink fluff!!! Amazing