Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Craigslist Connect

Remember the Pier One mirror

Well, I sold it on good ole Craigs to a designer here in Nola.  She plans to paint it for a client who has been lusting over something almost identical for quite some time.  Much like ebay, everyone wins with Craigs! 

Anyway, bright and early on Saturday a.m. during the "exchange," I learned that my "customer" has a great retail website called Sophisticated Mix.  She sells her wares out of two locations, one in Lakeview and one in Old Metairie (as well as her online site and via Facebook).

I was beyond delighted to check it out and discover the potential winner in my 2 year long search for a proper bar cart to serve as our satellite bar in the living room. 


Bamboo tray table for $268.00
It is the perfect size...and doesn't have to permanently serve as a bar forever.
(Who are we kidding?  As long as we need drinks, we will need this bar.)

There are some other great items on her site, too.  Loving this lotus table lamp and its sexy black shade.

Or these ceramic sparrows in all sizes and pairings...

The moral of this post is that you juuuust never know who you are going to meet and why you are going to meet them.  Instead of exchanging a mirror for cash with a questionable person who now knows my address, email, and name, I now have learned about a pretty cool new site with some great products.  Check it out when you have a sec! 



P.S. In honor of my recent "ask and I shall receive," I figure that by putting my bar cart wish on the blog, it will be promptly delivered to my front door by a kind gimleter, right? 


  1. What a great resource, can't wait to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am tribal dancing over the bamboo bar!

  3. leigh, you crack me up. that bar is fantastic! are you going to paint it, or leave it as is? can't wait to see what you do with it!

  4. Love the bar! And that table lamp too! I'm definitely checking out the website.

  5. That's my bud Lizzie! She grew up with Walt and I in arabi. She has great stuff.

  6. Damn, Kristen! I KNEW she looked familiar and her name sounded familiar too! THAT is where I know her from. Thanks for the connect!