Monday, September 27, 2010

Completely Random

I still haven't yet resorted to the "this post is completely random" post, but, after a super long week and an upcoming long day, I figured I would simply compile every nugget that I have wanted to blog about for the past week and simply smush it all together.  Is that cool?  (I must admit...I kind of like reading other bloggers' "completely random" posts on occasion.) 

Super Random I

First things first.  I am so sick of hearing about the Katy/Elmo controversy, but I just have to implore Gimlet Nation for its opinion.  Am I completely morally base and/or desensitized by costume-crazy Nola because I truly do not see the offensiveness of Katy's dress up costume from her duet with Elmo?

I really don't see a difference between Katy's costume and Nancy Kerrigan's ice skating costume from the early 90s...

Or Jasmine's "authentic" costume from Aladdin...

I detect some cartoon cleavage!

Are Jersey Shore-watching American parents really that falsely Puritanical?  ...or are they just perverting yet another thing that need not be perverted?  I dunno, but I truly do not believe that a three year old would even notice Katy Perry's boobs as being inappropriate and sexualized.  Maybe I am naive. 

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can watch the offending Sesame Street piece here.  You won't be able to watch it on Sesame because it has been pulled, never to be seen by our nation's perfectly sheltered youth.  They will have to resort to texting their fellow five year old friends, gyrating to Hannah Montana, and playing Grand Theft auto. 

See, I told y'all this was going to be random!

Super Random II

Next thing.  Last weekend, we were lucky enough to be able to go to the Midwest for a 48 hour sweep.  We flew into Chicago late Friday evening, stayed with Beau's brother and his wife (my bro/sis-in-law) and had a lovely dinner in their awesome Lakeview neighb.  We then got up at 6:00 am and started our road trip to Terre Haute, Indiana for Beau's grandma's 90th birthday party at the TH Country Club.  We came in hot from the road already dressed and ready to celebrate.  THEN, we drove to Hymera, Indiana to gather further with Beau's entire extended fam at their cabin.  There was lots of hitting of golf balls into the lake/pond, playing with filthy dirty dogs, corn hole tourneys, oh, and heavy drinking, of course.  I felt right at Southern home!  THEN, we drove back to Terre Haute, ate our collective favorite, Maurizio's Pizza, and went to bed.  THEN, we woke up, at our second collective favorite, Square Donuts, visited with Beau's Aunt Carolyn and Aunt Judy and, sadly, road tripped back to Chi for our late Sunday flight.  Are y'all tired and/or bored from reading this itinerary? 

Aside from oversharing, I am filling you in on our fun Midwestern times because I have to show you some of the darling, sweet things that Beau's mom saved for 35 years and then handed over to us for the bebe. 
Among many other wonderful day gowns and other sweet things, she sent us home with the following:

Beau's first little cordovan leather shoesies, pictured with a little card that Baptist Hospital (yes, the one on Napoleon and Claiborne in New Orleans) gave to his dad (not his mom) to congratulate him on his baby boy!  I definitely plan to frame it simply for the bebe's room as a little memento. 

My other favorite item.  Hong Kong jammies!  Did y'all ever have Hong Kong jammies?  My sister and I did.  I have no idea who gave us ours, but, in Beau's family, they are a mandatory tradition.  Beau's cousins live in Hong Kong so his aunt has always ensured that everyone under 4'5" can be easily outfitted at all times in Hong Kong jammies or varying versions thereof.  (I know we have many many pics somewhere of all of the Templeton cousins gathered in their jammies over various years and I WILL post them one day!) 

Here are a pair of Beau's....I seriously cannot wait for our kid to rock the vintage ones (and hopefully a couple of new fresh pairs, too!)

Aren't Beau's HK jammies sweet? Sweeter b/c his three brothers had matching ones.

Super Random III

Did I show you guys the awesome John Derian for Targe waste basket that I snatched from when they featured the first glance of John Derian for Targe items?  I am quite pleased with it for the nursery.  I know you can likely find it at your local Targe, but I had to fight tooth and nail for this one on gilt!

Cute and perfectly sized for the tinsie room.

Super Random IV

I spied this mirror at Agora Galleries on Magazine (I have blogged about it before here).  I think it is so pretty and like the idea of a fabric frame for a mirror.  It looks a little Ballard-ish, but there is something that drew me to it.  I actually think it would be great over a bed on a gray (shocker!) wall.  Very soft and delicate, but crisp.

Let me know if you need me to proxy this for you!

Super Random V

Have you guys ever seen Smock. paper in real life?  I have swooned online, but have never examined it in person.  My sister and I went to The Stationer to select some baby shower invites for a family friend, and we were delighted by the Smock. selections. 

The letterpress is truly unique.  The patterns are stunning...a perfect combination of modern and classic. 

Check out their site, but if you have the ability, examine their stuff in person! 

Cute stuff.

Well, happy Monday.  We are enjoying some "Fall" weather in Nola, which will hopefully cheer us up a bit after a hard loss against the Falcons yesterday.  Who Dat Nation must hold its head high for next week's game!




  1. LOVE the oldies but goodies passed on from Beau's mom. Such a wonderful idea. I actually believe that my brother's lil'un is traipsing around the Ville these days in a hand-me-down Superman tee that both Xander and I wore way back in the day!

  2. I love the rubbish bin with the animals. I would love to do an illuminated mono of the granchild's first initial (illuminated with the animal of the initial) once we know what he/she is. How fun would that be?
    Some things are inappropriate for little ones on TV, but I think the people who have attacked the Sesame St. number are really really just looking for something to attack. Sometimes prudishness is merely a blurry mirror reflection of one's own hang-ups or weirdness. That's just me though. I say find something real to get all riled up about - like the fact that your kid might be watching Sesame Street or other TV for hours on end in the first place.
    I fondly remember my daughters in their Chinese pajamas. I think they came from Granny Nell (via mom). So delicate and cute.

  3. I love the Hong Kong jammies! Do they come in adult sizes? They seem like they would be perfect for lounging!

  4. Nancy used to send us Hong Kong pajamas! Love them!

  5. OK commenting in order:
    I guess since I've been working a lot lately I have not been able to keep up with the tabs, b/c this is the first I've heard of the Katy Perry thing! I do think the outfit is a weird choice, but the "controversy" is definitely thrown out of proportion, especially when compared in context to sexy Disney characters (hello, Ariel and her shell bra) and don't forget good ole buxom Barbie!

    PJ's de l'Orient-- adorable staple, think my sister and I each had a pair too.

    Trash bin-- weird cute!

    Petting the Smock stationary!

  6. Carter and I both had those jammies, I remember them well. We wore them while serving my parents and their friends cocktails and hor d'erves at their infamous dinner parties when we lived on Carondelet Street! We were about 4 and 6!

    Cheers Baby Haynes!

  7. I was born at Baptist! I wonder why Don Draper didn't receive one of those cards, perhaps only in Nola?
    Yes...we have been winning for so long I forgot about the sting of a loss..and the Falcons (vomit). How are you doing watching the games sober?