Tuesday, September 7, 2010


At lunch the other day we snuck on over to the NFL Women's Shop on Magazine Street for a look see.  Apparently, this is a temporary pop up type shop that is just here to serve the immediate and pressing needs of New Orleans ladies for Saints shitake gear, clothing, chapstick, wallets, hand sanitizer, picnic baskets, magnets, jewelry, work out gear, bikinis....

Overall, the store was refreshingly clear of the usual NFL "attire for ladies," such as pink jerseys with bejeweled numbers or daisy dukes with the team name written across the bottoms.  We were pleasantly surprised!

However, there were a couple of puzzling items and this one, in particular, should be shared. 

Jessica Simpson-designed Saints cocktail dress?
Please explain the specific occasion to which you would wear this!

Julie apologizes for the photo quality.  A random patron had some serious things to say about the proprietary rights of the Saints organization to photographs of its merch, particularly this cocktail dress...

Perhaps I will purchase this and squeeze my baby bump into this for Thursday's game.  Dress for success?




  1. I thought the same thing about the cocktail dress! Are people really buying it?? I was less than impressed with the store, overall. I thought there would be more jerseys and fewer tiny tees (and I also spied a pink rhinestone jersey)!

  2. It is "designed" by Jessica Simpson...'nuf said!


  3. that is hilarious! really?! REALLY?! i bleed black and gold but this, this is a bit much. i will pay someone to buy this and wear this to a daqui bar in kenna. photos and/or film proof required.

  4. I am sure we will see some "bejeweled" pink jerseys at work Thursday....I have been given a heads up.

  5. RAN - DOM. I fully expect to see drunken "ladies" wearing said garment on Bourbon in post-game B roll one day.

  6. Um. Duh. Why is the scenario not obvie? It's CLEAR that you wear this because you have a hot date to a Saints game. You wear it because you know your date will pick you up wearing his Saints jersey and you know you are going to dinner in the Quarter pre-game. 1) You want to look HOTTTTTTTT, 2) you want to support the team (hence tiny fleur-de-lis)and impress your date, 3) dawlin, you never know where you'll end up post game. Plus, when you celebrate the win with a hurricane, any bright red spill will not show on that black dress...unless, horror, you spill it right on the fleur-de-lis.

  7. Y'alls crazy, dat party dress is gawgeous. My lil' niece is getting dem for her bridesmaids. She smart, you can wear dem again!

  8. I would pay good money to see the Gimlet babybump in this stunning piece of NOLA haute couture!