Friday, April 2, 2010


I believe I have mentioned Agora in passing before.  It is a large store on Magazine Street that houses the individual "shops" of multitudes of vendors, including artists, designers, and antique collectors.  Over the years, it has become less and less "hit or miss" and more and more "hit!" 

My lovely neighbor, Margaret Zainey Roux, recently informed me that her burgeoning design business, Style Editor, has a small space at Agora.  I had not paid a visit recently, and I figured I would have to check out her stylishly edited (no pun intended...I really did just write that) pieces.  Not surprisingly, I was not disappointed by her fabulous wares.  And the prices.  Um, amazing! 

Here is a snap of Margaret's space from her beautiful website.   Her space at Agora is definitely the most well thought-out.  Very aesthetically pleasing! 

So, let's shop. 

Two fab things in this snap. 
1) Greek Key Lamp.  I believe it is Currey and Company.  Margaret sells it for a SONG conmpared to other vendors.  $295.00!
2) Petite lucite tray.  If I didn't already have two  one I would have standardly snatched.  $25.00!

Check out this double matted framed sketch.  I am a bad investigator because my snap of the tag with the artist's name and price didn't come out well.  I can definitely tell you that the total price for this great standard was in the $200.00 range.  I would love to see this in a bedroom...perhaps my own!

Another irresistable old-stand-me-by..the detailed garden stool. 

Of course, I did not stop my excursion after playing in Margaret's shop...there was more to be snapped for your viewing pleasure! 

Um.  Well.  Well.  There are two.  The pair is $1050.00.  My work will not be done until one of you snatches these beauties up.  Your house will be on its way to looking like Katie Lee's. 

I loved these all the way back when she was still Katie Lee Joel.  I am CERTAIN that her chairs could not be snatched for $500.00 each...I researched them at the time because I was in love with their perfection.   

Deep textural goldy sea urchin lamp.  There were two...and there was a big 'un too. 

Blurry, but you get the picture, right?  Minty green vintage bowls.  Set of 12 for $80.00. 

Inlaid bench in perfect condition. 

I wish this brass vintage side table was not $300.00 plus.  I love it...and, weirdly enough, spied an almost identical one in the home of Julie Bowen featured this month in InStyle.  Kismet! 

Showstopper.  Painting by Tony Mose of Baton Rouge.
There were two other Mose paintings at Agora which were done on antique doors.  Really, stunners.  The prices, although quite reasonable for the sizes, are very much out of my price range!  (Email me if you are interested.)

If I were ever to receive an Easter present, I would hope it would be two of these massive scale candlesticks.  They were $40.00.  I have seen more expensive (and less quality) versions at big box stores.

Really great metal tray.  Love the color combo of the mustard and black.  It kind of reminded me of Olivia Palermo's Hermes tray...obviously the cheap-o version.

....I know, maybe a stretch, but same bold color and scale??

I strongly suggest that you stop in to Agora whether you live down the street or are just planning a visit to Magazine Street.  You will be treated to boat loads of eye candy, and I promise you will not leave without lots of ideas and quite possibly a little something for yourself or a friend.  Do it.  Do it soon.



P.S.  Some update snaps.

1.  Lamar arrived without incident...that we know of!  Here he is getting used to his new digs.

Doesn't this picture look like a suspect line up pic in a crime scene?  Bright light on the perp!

2.) Vintage patio furni redo progress. 

Hey, good lookin'(s).  We're half way there...and we couldn't be more pleased.  Ahhh, the advantages of Good Friday in the South. 


  1. Oooo, I'm definitely putting it in my list next time I'm in town!

  2. Great shopping post!!!!
    I wonder if they're open Mondays (my day off).
    xo xo

  3. I was in there last week - I can stay for hours! Did you walk with anything? I don't think they are open on Mondays, but I'm not 100% sure... Happy Easter!

  4. Deee-lightful!! I love the mustard tray, I actually prefer it to the Hermes.

    Happy Easter!

    PS, this is Leigh, I am too lazy to sign out of JG's account. However just showed him the trays to insert his input, and he says he's not into either of them-- Ouch, thwarted again!

  5. It's a must stop! Thanks for the preview.