Friday, October 1, 2010

Deals and Steals: Tiny Turq Tables

I love small side tables that can be moved around a room with ease, always looking good and ready to hold a drink or book.  I file them away for times when I am trying to find something small that takes up hardly any visual space.  I have been looking for seriously tiny (non-entity) kind of wiry turquoise tables and ... looky looky.  I could barely believe that there is one option out there, much less two! 

(Do you ever design something in your head and then have to accept the harsh reality that it doesn't exist?!)


Option A:

PB Teen (yes, I have already told y'all that I love this tween source!) Take Along table in pool.
Um, it is 29.00 with free shipping. 

Option B:

Urban Outfitters (tween/teen source no. 2) Metal Accordian Side Table for $60.00

These are both very cute options for any room, but particularly for the very teensy nursery that I am currently designing for the bebe.  The very first pop of turq will be purchased today.  Oh, and the winner?  The PB Teen option.  C'mon, $30.00 plus free shipping (with a still-outstanding Williams Sonoma gift card covering the cost) can't be beat! 

Good deals and steals on this beautiful Friday in Nola.  Have a happy, happy weekend!




  1. Agreed!! PB Teen is a weird bevy of goods for a wee nursery!

  2. I love the PB tables, true dealio. They would be great for outdoors too!