Monday, October 4, 2010

Meatball Express

A while back, I posted about this service I read about called "Blue Bag."  It is basically a company that drives to Houston, shops at Ikea for you, and then brings your goods back to your Ikea-deprived area.  Considering the amount of time spent by many New Orleanians plotting ways to hit Ikea in a day, rent a U-Haul, and carry all of the shitake back to Louisiana, this business is genius/cash cow. 

Well, I finally decided to utilize the service and will report in detail to you how it all shakes out.  My mom and sister and I plan to do a little Houston weekend in November in which Ikea will, of course, be a standard stop.  I will definitely be loading up for Project Nursery then.  HOWEVER, I needed to purchase the light fixture sooner than later as the painter/electrician/window treatment installer is going to be working on project nursery in a short couple of weeks.  He can't take down the fan and replace it with a light fixture if he is sans light fixture. 

So....I ordered the Fillsta pendant lamp for $49.99 and just remitted a paypal payment to Blue Bag for $64.99.  Not a bad deal, in my humble opinion.

Here is the big Fillsta.

An in-store shot of the Fillsta.  The anticipated one for our space is on the far left.
from here

Now, another interesting service soon to be announced by Blue Bag is called the Meatball Express (LOVE that name!)  Apparently, they will soon offer a day of in-person shopping at Ikea to their customers.  For about $200.00, you will get your flight to Houston, lunch, snacks, and delivery of your selected items back to New Orleans.  Besides being fun, it still is farrrr cheaper than Ikea's ridiculously expensive shipping costs (particularly if you are loading up and furnishing a house or doing an Ikea kitchen from afar!).  I thought this was a quite interesting idea, and I am intrigued to hear from anyone who tries it. 

Perhaps a Gimlet Nation field trip will be in order!



P.S.  Who Dat?! 


  1. Uhm, that is amazing!! What a fun girls trip that would be!!

  2. Fillsta looks great. I can't wait to see the completed nursery.

  3. great minds think in love with etsy and bought two new lighting fixtures for my hallway remodel..going with navy walls and these fixtures ($50/each)

  4. Even though there are several Ikeas in SoCal, I might even be tempted to use this type of service since shopping at Ikea can be annoying in and of itself, plus you have to haul the shitake home yourself. Also with this service I'm sure your can schedule the delivery time, delightful!

  5. What a brilliant idea; I'm going to have to look into that. Love the light too!

  6. Speaking of Who are you doing watching Sober? It is KILLING ME. I need my BOURBON!!!