Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I just spied this great article on Casa Sugar featuring "10 Haunted Houses in New Orleans."  We are surrounded by all things eerie, all the time in Nola, but especially at Halloween!  I am absolutely terrified of ghosts (would I rather a ghost or a person attack me!?  DEFINITELY A PERSON) so, in hindsight, I am kind of weirded out that I was willing to stay at Hotel Monteleone on our wedding night (which was, essentially, Halloween by the time we arrived)  In fact, the Today Show was there filming for "America's Most Haunted Hotel" on the morning we left for our honeymoon. 

What was I thinking?!  Blinded by love or alcohol or both, I guess. 

You can read more about the fright-inducing Montelone in the 10 Haunted Houses article.  Have fun trick or treating tonight!




  1. I need to read this article so I know where not to stay!

  2. P.S. I just read it- there are far too many places that I've been to on that list.

    P.S.S. When are the reports going to start about modern ghosts with ipods and BBs?

  3. The age old debate of who is scarier -- a man with an axe or a ghost. I think Leigh and I were of the mindset that an ax murder/rapist was scarier than a ghost. You and Jennifer were on the ghost is scarier side. Always an entertaining debate!

  4. Omg some of these are really freaky! Le Pavillion is supposed to be one of the most haunted hotels?? That is random!
    I agree with Katie that I definitely fear serial killers/rapists the most. However, my heart would stop if I looked up and saw the ghost of of yellow fever victim in the mirror!