Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nola Goes Pink

I was delighted to pass the "Wedding Cake House" on St. Charles Avenue the other night on my way home to discover that it has gone pink in honor of October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  An iconic symbol of St. Charles Avenue's grandeur, the WC House makes a statement on behalf of all of Nola....we are committed, together, to finding a cure. 

I wish my snap came out better....the whole house is lit up in a very hot hot pink!

Here she is by day from the same angle.
via casasugar

The Saints have also gotten into the action, wearing pink cleats, mouthguards, and towels throughout October.

Real men wear pink!
As Ochsner is also  "going pink," Beau has been wearing a pink tie each Friday, too.  But, I don't have a pic of him going to work....




  1. What a fun way to bring attention to such an important cause.

  2. I noticed the pink accessories watching the game on Sunday, that's a very cool awareness campaign!