Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Consignment Store Thonet Rocker in Action! (...and a nursery-oriented shower gift)

Hi, Gimlet Nation!

I am trying...I really am.  Why have things been so nutzy?  I think it is a combo of the holiday merriment, a jury trial, 15 birthdays of my friends and family, client dinners, and, oh, most importantly, a very impending tiny arrival! 

Anyway, my updates, although brief, hopefully will keep you satiated. 

First up....remember my teaser about the awesome proxy find by my friend Anna (consignment store, Northshore of Nola, $60.00...)  Well, here he is!

Perfect, right?  No need to even paint it.  I like that beaten up look amidst of the sleeky new shiny stuff in the nursery.  Oh, and the dog in the pic is not Indie...just her stuffed doppleganger, courtesy of my sister. 

Among so many truly wonderful, thoughtful and necessary gifts that were given to me during my beautiful baby shower (more to come on that as soon as I get the photos back from my sis), I received this guy from my friends Jenny and Mary.  Remember him?

As usual, putting my wish lists up on the blog certainly helps!
He is currently sitting on the Ikea dresser that Beau and I finally declared victory over after two days of work.  He will soon be up on the wall above the rocker, though. 

My cup runneth over with gratitude for my friends and family who hosted and attended the baby shower as well as everyone who has invited us to fun holiday festivities.  It is the time to celebrate and be grateful, and I so am.  I swear...more to come.  I will not leave you hangin'.




  1. Everything looks wonderful! Rocker is perf. Glad you decided to keep it in its original patina!

  2. The nursery looks so cute! The fake Indie's head tilt gets me every time.

  3. The Thonet is truly a rockin'! It looks great, like the idea of keeping it beaten.
    Can't wait to see it all in person soon, yee!!