Monday, December 27, 2010

Guest Post for Lambchop Designs

Dear Adrianne of Lambchop Designs asked me to write a guest post while she was out on maternity leave.  She is still on break enjoying adorable baby Anna and big brother Davis.  It has been nearly impossible for me to resist the urge to fly up to Virginia and snuggle them both for a long weekend. The blizzard of 2010 (oh, and the impending arrival of Bebe Haynes!) would likely prevent this trip from occurring any time soon, though. 

Anyhoo, Adrianne's lifestyle blog accompanies her painting business which produces "Fun Art for Cool Kids."  Naturally, much of her blog content addresses fun activities, party ideas and decor for kiddies.  Right before Anna arrived, Lambchop's posts were dedicated to nursery decorating, with Adrianne providing tons of ideas for painting and decorating the sweet one's new space. 

Adrianne wrote a thought provoking post about "going dark" from all technology prior to Anna's birth.  She avoided email, phone, texting, TV, etc. for an entire week!  I was intrigued, jealous, scared, amazed, and have committed to doing the "going dark experiment" at some point soon.  However, if you are simply unable to "go dark" from technology for whatever reason, whether it be professional (check!), personal (check!) or just sheer lack of willpower (double check!), there are some other ways you can go dark in your own life. Since pre-maternity leave Lambchop was focusing lots on nursery decorating, I decided to talk about how you, too, can also go dark in nursery decorating for yourself, a friend, or family member. 
First, let me start by saying it was virtually impossible find more than about ten examples of dark and bold nurseries (done well). That being said, I think we will start to see more of this decorating trend as it is incredibly sophisticated, chic and unique. What a refreshing change in nursery decor...not a "character" (Disney or otherwise) in sight!

Jenna Lyons' nursery, hopefully starting a longstanding trend. Although black walls in a nursery may initially seem counterintuitive, look how cozy it is! A little cave for your cub.

This nursery from decorpad uses textural woods to provide its sense of dark warmth. Kind of a modern rustic effect that is still appealing for a kiddie.

Check out the deep choco brown in this greeeeeat nursery from apartmenttherapy. Design tip: Utilize dark paint to make small spaces appear bigger (I know, not your mama's decorating tip of the 80s!). Love that sputnik light too.

Navy and yellow from designsponge. An unusual, but delightfully kid friendly combo. Dark paint does not always mean a mature space.

I had to include the eponymous Lee Kleinhelter nursery, even though everyone has seen it. The reason being that I have been so focused on its beautiful grasscloth, I kind of didn't notice the black or navy window treatments. Dark and bold statement....and functional blacking out for baby's sleep.

Okay, I had to save the best for last. I simply adore this nursery nook from Little Papercuts' blog and think that the black wall with black dresser was a bold and genius move. I am sure that when the decorator told her friends that the nursery walls were going to be painted black, the naysayers balked! No risk, no reward, though.  Check out all the shots here and swoon.

I included this shot from decor pad because, although not "dark," per se, the use of red is brilliant and unusual. Also, I have a soft spot for the hanging basket chairs...and think that the one painted white is presh.

I sincerely hope this guest post encourages you to think outside of the box when considering a palette for a nursery space. Ignore the message boards that say that dark nurseries are "depressing and understimulating" for babies (yes, I actually saw that online somewhere!) and go for something bold and dark when creating a spot for your chicken.

Thanks so much, Adrianne, for entrusting me to write for your blog for a day!  I am excited to see this post in lights on your blog when you come back from maternity leave. 


P.S.  Was Santa good to everyone?  He spoiled me too much this year.  I am a very lucky girl. 


  1. great ideas - thanks for posting! jenna lyons can do no wrong in my book. i also LOVE the navy/yellow nursery - so cute - and definitely something to keep in mind for any future mcmillen babes..

  2. Carter and I are working on Baby P's nursery now. Love the idea of chocolate or navy as an accent. This is a great post. Love the idea of unexpected in the nursery!