Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thank You, Santa and Beau!

As I mentioned in my last post, Santa was ridiculously good to me this year...spoiled Beau, me and the bebe waaaayyyy too much.  We are very blessed and lucky to have such a wonderful Santa that visits each year! 

Beau was also an excellent gift giver this year (it really is a great quality he has).  We established some pretty strict budgeting parameters for ourselves this year, and he truly rocked my socks with his selections.  One thing that was pretty awesome was my Kindle cover.  I asked for one to protect my birthday gift Kindle and expected a normal leather one from amazon.  However, Beau presented me with this guy!

Who knew that Diane von Furstenberg (an idol!) designed Kindle covers? 

A sneaky peek at the fuscia interior. 

They are called Kindle clutches in DvF speak.  Here are some other options...

If you have an e-reader and want to jazz it up a bit (and need help finding it in your big bag or purse like me...), perhaps you too should consider the wrap dress of Kindle covers!  Great gift idea, too...