Thursday, December 9, 2010

Designer Social

I have a not-so-slight obsession with Designer Social, a web-based and recently-opened showroom in Nola, where you can find a bevy of pre-owned, new, and vintage designer bags, shoes, and accessories.  I am on its mailing list and just got the "New Stuff!" email.  Dying!

Some of my top pics for your holiday gifting (to yourself) needs...behold:

Chanteuse Necklace by Nathou.
Vintage 1950s. 

Nathou Maple Necklace.

Vintage "double Cs" clip earrings by Chanel.
...there are a TON of vintage Chanel jewels!

Vintage butterfly earrings with stones.

I highly recommend the vintage section, but you can also delight in the gently used or even new sections on the site as well.  Shop Nola this holiday season!



P.S.  Tell me what you snag!

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