Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My new favorite color combo...

Today is my birthday and in honor of same I plan to keep this post super easy breezy...after all, I have an exciting conference to prepare for today as well as Christmas shopping to do.  (This is what happens when you have a December b-day, and, weirdly, I am totally fine with that because I love the holidays so much!)

I recently treated myself to new stationery for purposes of writing shower-birthday-baby-holiday-anytime thank you notes.  I am seriously obsessed with my selection, particularly the color combo...a new favorite.

Check out my new paper goods, which I designed and ordered through The Stationer in Nola.

Lavender, gold, mustard and gray, oh my!

I actually spied a similar color combo in an ad for Tisa's Beauty Bar in this month's Cue Magazine, Gambit's source for Nola shopping and design.

A blurry iPhone snap from Cue..you get the idea, though.
I have been in Tisa's Beauty Bar, which is combined with a great shoe shop, Angelique, and their joint decor features this fresh combo. 

Could be delightful for a femme office of a tiny girl's nursery? 

Cheers...off to play with my new Kindle! 



  1. Happy birthday darling! Let's have a drink!
    xo xo

  2. Happy Birthday! Love the delightful stationary!

  3. Love the stationary! I haven't gotten mine yet. You just reminded me to check on it.

    Happy bday!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you enjoyed it.