Thursday, April 29, 2010

Delightful Door

I sometimes need to see articles or photographs like this one as a constant reminder to myself that 1) my ideas are not always "crazy" and 2) to take risks when coming up with a design plan.  Without inspired risk taking, we don't see results like this one. 

Annie Selke's modern ranch reno featured on House Beautiful's website

The Before.  
Dreadful and depressing with a "fake front porch."
(Annie's words, not mine)

A fuschia door?  Never would have thought to do it or convinced someone to try it.  It is Drop Dead Gorgeous.  Literally, that is the name of the Benjamin Moore color.   

Annie's words of wisdom:

HB:  "What's the easiest change you can make?"

ANNIE:  "I painted the front door. It just needed something — I said, 'What the heck. Let's paint it pink'."

SO...the moral of the story is try it.  You may like it. 




  1. So I've had thoughts about painting our front door as it's in desperate need of some TLC but am torn between just sanding and re-staining or going with a color. Got any suggestions if we were to go with a color??

  2. Color memory is so so short...I need to look at your house. BUT...from what I can picture the color to be, I really think you could go with an orange, a turquoise(!), or even a yellow. It may brighten up your exterior substantially. Let me pull some shots of painted doors, and I will forward to you!

  3. That door is so very Dorothy Draper fabulous...especially against that white snow!

  4. I still have mental of fabu YELLOW door on grey house that was featured in Cottage Living. It was very high gloss which made it all the more lovely!! Think a color like that or the hot pink originally featured is a great high impact visual touch that can be changed out semi-regularly as well!!

  5. don't you love the doors of NOLA..nice.. not like that here.
    When we get a real house I want a house with rod iron outfitting and gas lights outside.

  6. And don't forget the fabulous yellow door of the Room Service vacation home we were tribal dancing over in Palm Springs!

  7. I love painted doors. I just did a post about painted doors the other day,so I share your enthusiasm!


  8. Okay...that is GORGEOUS! I LOVE that pink door! Thanks for sharing it!

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