Saturday, March 27, 2010

Garage-a-Rama: "If you don't get it, I will."

Bebe and I took names at the Newman Garage-a-Rama (aka "upscale yard sale") that I blogged about last week.  We walked in, saw, and conquered within forty-five minutes.  We sort of stripped the place, leaving only gee-gaws and tchotckes in our midst. 

This is the way I dealt with Bebe, who is self-proclaimed as "indecisive."  I literally would say, "If you don't buy that INSERT FURNITURE ITEM, then I will."  So, indeed, she did. 

Here are her finds:

Petite settee with great lines.  Lavender sequin pillow not included.
Bebe is already shopping for a fabric with a pop of color for re-upholstery purposes. 

Mid-century bench.  All it needs is new upholstery.  It is perfect otherwise.  It would have been snatched in another five minutes.  If not by me, by another stalker. 

And now...drumroll, please.  My find of the week/month/summer. 

Done and done. 
It will be either refreshed in white or painted a snazzy bold color a la Garden House Decor  with kick a cushions.  I am leaning towards yellow table and chairs with black cushions with white piping or white cushions with black piping. 

Now, if you head to the yard sale (or any other yard sale event of this kind), here are some tips/insights:

1.   People are cut throat.  Ruthless.  Brutal.  Who knew?  Bebe and I were schooled by one of the volunteer workers.  She explained that we had to purchase and carry because people actually walk up and REMOVE YOUR SOLD STICKER in order buy the item you may or may not have just purchased!  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  Like wolves, these people are! 

2.  Get there even earlier than you think is early.  We thought we got to the sale early.  However, a couple of fab items had already been snatched.  I don't know how they could have gone earlier, but they did.  Some lucky duck has two gorgeous iron benches for the foot of her bed and another person has a really great vintage Tulane poster.  It would have been so neat in my complaints here, though.  I need to count my yard sale blessings.   

3.  Do not have reverse buyer's remorse.  I still am mad that I did not more strongly consider and snatch this retro wicker side table.  It would go in my non-conceived future daughter's nursery.  That is the sure fire way to an attic that looks like ours....which actually resembles the yard sale. 

The outdoor table and chairs painting project is beginning this very weekend.  We grilled tonight, and I wish we could have dined al fresco!  Soon enough. 



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  1. Yeee!!!! You finally snagged the much fabled patio set...LOVE it and can't wait to see the finished product!

    All the finds are great!