Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby Animals

Even if you are not a huge animal lover or a particularly cuddly/mushy/gooey/saccharine person, I seriously do not think that you can resist "baby animals."   I have never met a person who doesn't pause and at least say "awwww" at the sight of a baby farm animal email forward (you know who you are if you send them) or mall calendar. 

Dare I suggest that you have a heart of stone if you do not pause to think that this guy is at least somewhat cute??

Blaspheme if your heart doesn't melt just a tad! 

Anyhoo, where am I going with this? 

Well, I know you have seen this image floating through the interwebs and blogosphere.....

BUT, have you ever reviewed the entirety of her site and explored the myriad of truly precious baby animal (and grown up animal) prints?  If not, here are some of her latest. 

The donkey and chick are brand spankin' new.  The donkey truly cracks me up.

My co-workers and I were all oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over which one was the cutest....and we cannot decide!

Some of our other faves:


Bassett pup.

Bunny bum.

Now, I am completely inspired to save my pennies and do a grouping of nine of the babies for, well, the baby. 

I am accepting donations for the babe's "visual stimulation" fund....

I don't think that these prints are necessarily just for babies, though.  Imagine this guy in the largest version possible (30 x 40).

Or, a this cheeky pairing in a small hallway...

I would love to see a big ole camel above a desk in your office or study.

I highly encourage you to play around on The Animal Print Shop site.  Even if you have seen the tiny deer image before, I promise you have not seen everything Ms. Montrose has to offer. (There are even some wonderful grouping and framing tips!)



P.S.  I am sneaking off this weekend to Orlando for a little fun in the sun with some of my favorite peeps.  I promise there will be some excellent blog posts to follow, including a mini house tour that I have brow beat kindly requested that Courtney give us while I am there.  If you are heading to the Saints pre-season game, please keep an eye out for the welfare and safety of Beau!  He is ready, ready, ready.


  1. I LOVE these!! I think Porky is my total fave. Although, I do love the donkey as well. You MUST buy these for Baby H!!

  2. Weird cute! If one has the time and inclination, you could do a similar version by taking your own pictures. A trip to the zoo or park to seek out cute little critters, per se. Or say tracking a bear family on your next survivalist adventure!

  3. I love the donkey, and am dying at Leigh's suggestion that you DIY the series. Tracking a bear family is giving me the serious giggles.
    Have fun in Orlando!

  4. Basset pup all the way!!!!

  5. Those are the cutest...thanks for sharing...just ordered for a nursery I am doing!!!