Monday, August 23, 2010

O-town Bungalow

Greetings!  I am back from O-town after a whirlwind weekend that included lots of shopping, delicious eats, two nice long walks, QT with friends, and some serious baby kissing and snuggling.

As promised, I was allowed to snap some pics of one of my favorite "no touch" rooms ever, all for your viewing pleasure.  I think it looks perfectly designed without any semblance of "trying too hard."  Unique, yet stylish.  Fresh and classic.  Real and lived in, but still special.

...oh, and did I mention that a three year old and one year old live here??  I know, impressive.

Without further ado, behold the "no touch" and dining rooms of this classic Florida bungalow.

View towards the front door. 
...there is talk of painting the fire place white.  I am in full agreement! 

Close up of the coffee table scape.
...benches are from perch.

Opposite view into the dining room.  Love those plaster curves in bungalows.

J.A. sideboard to the immediate left of the front door.  Do you not adore the touches of fuscia?  Incredibly current. 
(And, I must point out the Roy Barloga photograph of the fountain in Audubon Park where the couple was married.  Beau and I have the same one in our bedroom!)

Up close of the textural chair and the orange side tablescape.

A peek into the adjoining dining room.

Another view....another shared feature of Chez Gimlet, that great chevron rug from West Elm!

I hope you enjoyed this mini house tour.  If you have any sourcing questions, please email me, and I will try to get the answers you need.  Next up?  The new big girl room of my friends' three year old. 



P.S.  Thanks C and C for a wonderful visit!  It was a perfect little junket. 


  1. That chevron rug is so fun. I love the texture on the armchair, too. Thanks for sharing this little space.

  2. LOVE the rug in the living room! Also, I totally agree that the fireplace would look AWESOME painted white. Doooo it!

  3. love. it. and i love that high chair...

  4. thanks for sharing. glad you had a fun trip. i love the dining room painting!

  5. Love it! Agree that the fireplace will look fabu in white!

  6. What a great house, and what fun to see the benches from perch.!
    I have friends who got married in front of Pop Fountain in City Park. Fountains seem to be THE hot spot for weddings here in NOLA.
    xo xo

  7. In the words of my grandmother "Lawdy bee and the skies above." That house is spectacular. I love absolutely everything about it. I would love to know where someone who might try to steal this entire look would find that sideboard and the dining chairs!!!