Wednesday, August 4, 2010

MCM in the mags and "real life!"

Gimlet Nation knows that there is no way I would have read this month's InStyle and not provided a shout to Robin Tunney's Los Angeles home.  In a non-surprising turn of events, I love it and aspire to live in it...or something almost exactly like it.  The slate floors and MCM lines alone are unstoppable!

Check it:

Indoor patio.  Fuscia.  Modern pool peeking out from the background.

The ceiling! 

Aforementioned slate floors.  I am guessing they are original to the MCM jewel....

Arco lamp always, always, always works.

Imagine my delight when this real life! listing in Metairie (a suburb of New Orleans) was forwarded to my attention today by a dutiful Gimleter.  Another MCM jewel living right outside of Orleans Parish.  The craziest part about this listing is that I remember these exact photographs because this home and its story were featured in either the Times Picayune or Gambit monthly magazines a while ago.  At the time, I drooled and was fascinated/ duly impressed by the owner's loving restoration of this home. 

I only wish there were more pics...and that they were bigger!

This unique home is a whopping 3,320 square feet, with a pool.  It is listed for $675,000.00.  Any takers??



P.S.  If anyone out there has the original article on the home in Metairie (or can help find it online), please send it to me...I have turned up with nothing after desperate google searches.


  1. No way! I featured that Arco lamp in my post today!! I haven't had a chance to get all the way through my In Style this month, but now I'm headed straight there to read all about this gorgeous house!

  2. Deee-lightful!! And who knew MCM is alive and well in Old Mets?!