Thursday, August 26, 2010

A stylish and functional big girl room

When our O-town friends'  family expanded from a family of three to four, their daughter was upgraded from her  nursery to her very own big girl room.  Baby bro moved right into the gender neutral nursery.  Practicality that just floats my boat, I'm telling you. 

This particular child's room really struck me because of the perfect balance between whimsy and organization.  The color scheme of lavendar, pinks and reds is perfectly feminine without being stereotypical "girl!", and there is toy storage and play room galore.

This project was recently completed and, accordingly, the hunt is still on for a good rug for the center of the room.  Both of us are thinking circular.  Qualifications are as follows: 1) Cannot be white (or a large portion cannot be white, 2) Must be durable enough for kiddies and a big Rotweiler to enjoy.  Please feel free to send anything you see that may fit the bill my way!

Ho-hum.  Of course, the Madeline Weinrib zigs in red is the perfect option, but the occupant of this room must attend school and be fed on a daily basis.  Not in the budget!

Check it:

Note the fave Matouk bedding as well as the re-upholstered vintage stools... 
....accompanying an Ikea play table.  Perfect mix of high and low!

I refrained from moving the pulls so that they all faced down....I wanted to show the room as it looks. Lived in by a three year old little gal.
There is a red "Keep Calm" poster waiting for its frame to go in between the two lamps.

My fave part of the room.  The Expedit storage, of course.   
...also note that the books are organized by color. 
(Does anyone else spy and love that lady bug riding toy?)

One more shot from the hallway.  Let's talk about the ceiling for a sec.
Gimleters know my hatred/ understanding of the utility of ceiling fans.  I think they picked out a great ceiling fan for this room, though.  I know, I know, it is necessary evil in Florida! 

I also love the bite sized paper poufs.  I have used them for parties as big poufs, but the tiny size is perfect for a tiny girl. 

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my friends' O-town bungalow.  I sincerely thank them for allowing me to share their decorating know-how with Gimlet Nation.  Again, if you have sourcing questions, please do not hesitate to shoot a comment or email. 




  1. The lavendar, red, and white is soooo pretty and feminine!

  2. Those red vintage stools are perfection! The "Keep Calm" print will the icing on the cake. Absolutely precious!!!!

  3. I've never thought about combining lavendar and red, but it works really nicely in this room and will transition to tween and teen easily.

  4. Very stylish and practical, love it! Great colors as well. You would be surprised how many people tell you they get way too much pink stuff when they have girls!

  5. I agree with Jennifer, I wouldn't have thought to pair the lavender and red, but I love it!

  6. Look for the chevron print rug in red at West Elm. Good look, and not so expensive that you might want to pitch a fit if something happens to it!

  7. I may have to undertake a secret mission to O-Town to steal the benches for myself... If bartering with the resident 3 year old becomes necessary a couple lollipops should do the trick!