Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hey Good Lookin'

Here are two good lookin' things that we have purchased / are purchasing to better prepare Chez Haynes for the tiny arrival.  I will be posting things like this more often than not, I am sure.  The scary thing is that I am oddly pumped about both items and truly believe that they are, indeed, both practical and good looking. 

Exhibit A:

The little tike will likely sleep in here for the first four months of his/her life.  It is PERFECT for our minute spacial needs (and then subsequent storage limitations) as well as aesthetically pleasing.  Plus, it can move from room to room simply by folding up.  Friends have given it rave reviews. 

My mom liked it and approved of it because it "doesn't look like something out of Rosemary's Baby."  Point taken, actually.

Scary, but true.  Alot of bassinets do kind of look like the one from the 70s horror flick.
image from here

Exhibit B:

New kitchen sink from Lowe's.  We, sadly, cannot do an undermount, but this cast steel baby will work!  Anything to rid ourselves of the gross stainless that just never seems to get clean.  Oh, and is divided down the middle.  We both yearn for a single basis sink....and this is the winner (most likely).  Holding my breath until we actually purchase and install it. 

My oh my have my design crushes and purchase lists changed in the blink of an eye.  I will continue to post these things, but only if they are super super super mundane.  Just kidding-ish.




  1. Bassinet looks fab!! And, the sink...newly undivided and a perfect place for baby baths!

  2. Mundane is not in your schema!!! Even the "everyday" can be a work of art!! Consider the butterfly, the sun, the full moon!!! You have the talent to transform the most mundane into something sublime!!!

  3. Yay for the cutey bassinet! And I love the new sink, and totally get what you mean about cleaning the stainless. I have weird, bordering on OCD obssession with cleaning my stainless sink because it never feels or seems clean to me.

  4. Love the bassinet. Love the style and seems so functional and MUCH easier than the pack-and-play.

    I like the look of the sink when you first put it in; however, we have that same sink from Lowe's. It chips and scratches revealing the black undercoat and over time it will stain. I scrub like a crazy woman but even the Mr. Clean eraser won't get all of it. Hope this helps :)

  5. By the way, the sink is only three years old

  6. Kris! Thanks for the tip! That is seriously good to know. Anyone have alternative suggestions? I guess porcelain?

  7. I thought the bassinet was a laundry hamper! And a nice one at that, I am randomly always searching for the perfect hamper that looks nice too, because of my space issues. I love it! I love that it has such a clean, simple look, and it appears easy to use also.

    Also love the shout out to RB, one of my faves!

  8. It does look like a laundry hamper! Maybe it can be repurposed after it has been used by all Haynes children and passed along to as many friends and family members who want to use it!

  9. I'm sourcing my parents' kitchen sink as it is porcelain (I think) and has held up superbly over the years.

    Love the bassinet - as a tinsy house dweller, anything that can be folded up and stored under a bed is A-OK in my book!!

    Leigh - if you're looking for a good hamper - try Pottery Barn. I just got this one and love it!|4|1||10|hamper||0&cm_src=SCH