Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I know, I know.  My posts have been sporadic and not particularly intellectually stimulating to you these days.  Well, I am a sporadic and not particularly intellectually stimulating person these days.  Work and general life has not let up, despite the fact that I feel like each day is just borrowed time against the impending arrival of Bebe! 

So, I can only scrounge up about 1 brain cell every three days to post right now.  I promise, though...I WILL be back in the utter swing of things.  I miss y'all! 

Anyhoo, I thought you may want to see the rug I finally decided on for el nursery.  Now, I just have to bite the bullet and click "Add to Bag!"  It is just a hard click to make, considering the jog stroller that is also calling out to be purchased. 

Love it!  From Anthro, in a 3 x 5.  I am convinced it will "make the room" and, therefore, I am now laser focused on snatching it! 

If you have any other potential rug possibilities for Bebe Haynes' room, please speak now or forever hold your peace!