Friday, January 7, 2011

Un Petit (Nursery) Project....and a Fabric-related PSA

Happy belated King's Day/Twelfth Night/ Feast of the Epiphany!  The official start of Carnival Time....and King Cake Extravaganza '11.  I plan to post about all of my King Cake devouring over the next two months.  Damn, Mardi Gras is going to last for so long this year.  Yipppeee!  It is not until March 8th. 

Anyhoo, I thought I would share a tiny teaser of a nursery project I completed the other night in less than an hour.  It is nothing to necessarily brag about, but I think it came out nicely and provides a lovely visual impact.  Oh, and it is a easy and affordable way to display/store a baby keepsake. 


I simply bought this pre-made shadow box at Michael's craft store and replaced the dark velvet backing with some of my yellow scrap upholstery fabric.  I then mounted two sterling spoons that were gifted to the bambino.  Voila! 

Normally, I think the term "shadow box" is scary and conjures up images of old lace and locks of hair...maybe even some doll parts.  But, in this case, I think it is a cute way to display some of the tiny's keepsakes. 

Just a sneak peek of more to come from almost-completed nurseria! 

Now, onto two big fabric-related announcements, both of which made my decorating day.  You may have already heard about this news via two awesome design blogs, Visual Vamp and Elements of Style. 

First, our Nola Vamp advised blog land that Dwell Studio released fabrics for a FAVORITE site of mine,  What a delight! 

We can all live the Dwell dream for only $15.98 a yard!  Check it all out here

Now, drumroll please....Elements of Style announced that our very own Miss Amanda Talley will be releasing a line of fab fabrics she designed based upon her iconic paintings. 

Check it:

These are STUNNING.  Imagine a beautiful bench or pillows done in Amanda's fabric.  Too hot to handle!
If you are interested in ordering your very own fabrics from Amanda (in a variety of different grades), contact her through her website.  And, seriously, if you better send pics to Gimlet! 




  1. Gorgeous! Wish I knew about this before spending money on curtains for my house! Will have to remember this though for when I finally upgrade to a "real person's" house.

  2. Great news! Nursery looks great!

  3. Love the shadow box with the spoons in the vibrant yellow color. I can't wait until there is a baby in that nursery!

  4. Thanks for the shout out Jessie!
    Can hardly wait to see the whole nursery. Love the colors already!
    xo xo

  5. First off, I think the shadow box spoons look adorbs, what a great idea! Works for a nursery as is reminiscent of "...the dish ran away with the spoon.." to me. This could also be a cool idea for a kitchen or dining room, if one has some heirloom cutlery that doesn't get used often.

    Second, OMG I freakin' LOVE the Talley fabrics!!

    Enjoy the start of the long Mardee Graw season!