Friday, January 28, 2011

Pseudo Design Related, but...

...moreso just too cool/cute not to be shared!  I am betting that many of you have seen this via email forwards and the like, but if you haven't, I hope you enjoy this lady's creativity as much as I did/do. 

I really cannot imagine being inspired enough to even think of this.  I love it though and hope you will too, even if you are not particularly a "baby person."  The mom is a computer specialist from Helsinki who just decided to have some fun with her baby's naptimes. 

Which are your faves?  I can't resist the mini Buddhist and the book worm, personally. 

Have a wonderful weekend.  I promise I will be back on Monday....Baby Haynes is enjoying his/her time in the hot tub and is apparently not at all interested in greeting Gimlet Nation yet.  So....I will be here!




  1. The bookworm and the bunny are my faves.

    My sister said babies can drop overnight! Sometimes so fast you can feel it- she called it "lightning."

  2. Tres cute, the Indian sari is my fave :)

  3. i love this - the bookworm and mary poppins are especially adorable, not to mention hilarious. so creative, and she must work really quickly!

  4. Hilar! Mary Poppins and Buddha are my favorite!

  5. I passed this along to my my best friend who has a newborn :) Loved the pictures. Great job! :)

    Tanya L.