Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not-so-secret resource

Gimleters all know about Lonny Magazine at this point, no?  If not, speed type to the link provided.  You will not be disappointed. 

I love when a brand spankin' new Lonny comes out.  For some reason, however, I have never stumbled upon the "Site" section of the regular Lonny website.  I am, not surprisingly, very out of it these days! 

So...when you click on "Site," you will be treated to a veritable feast of decor resources and eye candy, including Lonny's archives, editor's pics, you name it.  My favorite part though?  The "Decorate" section.  If you click on the link, you will potentially lose your job for lack of productivity.  It is basically just a gallery of all of Lonny's fabulous decor features, organized by room. 

Some of my faves...

A total hit parade of inspiration.  How have I missed this incredible resource? 

I am just going to blame it on pregs brain, the lamest excuse ever.  Nothing else to be said. 



P.S.  There is a "paint" section too.  Could not ask for more!


  1. I have never clicked on the link either!!! I have to save it for this weekend! Thanks!

  2. I am in LOVE with that bathroom. So glad you passed on these resources!!!

  3. Thanks for passing along! And yes, got distracted by the resources from getting ready for dinner! Lonny is great, wasn't love at first sight for me, but I am hooked now! Lots of variety and resources! Guess it is all down hill from here!