Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Un Petite (Nursery) Project II

A couple of days ago, I posted about a tiny nursery project I worked on in about an hour one night.  Much in the same vein of non-groundbreaking, non-complex, simple nursery non-projects, I have completed another one.  In my slowing down state, completing any task in a timely and somewhat capable manner is blue ribbon worthy to me! 

So, without further ado....

I bought this frame from Ikea via Blue Bag (duh). 

Das Ung Drill for $29.00

And made a bulletin board for baby, a rotating display of art, sentiments, and fun things to show him or her, if you will.  Again, I am telling you that this did not require any creativity or skill, but I am quite pleased with the outcome!

Final product, which hangs above the changing area.

My friend Courtney made one for her kitchen a while back.  We were inspired by an InStyle magazine project.  Seriously, all you have to do is:

1. Spray paint your frame.
2. Remove the glass.
3. Cut out two pieces of cork, using the glass or the backing of the frame as a template.  I suggest buying cork rolls from Michael's or any other craft store.
4.  Glue the cork together (this is just to have two layers, making it thicker).
5. Place the cork pieces where the glass used to be. 
6. Hang and enjoy!

So far, we have the baby's only portraits (lentil bean sized and then apple sized, respectively!) and my shower invite on the cork board.  Of course, we also hung the card that was given to Beau's dad when he was born at Memorial Hospital in New Orleans.  I didn't want to poke a hole in it so I just wedged it behind the filigree. 

What are your thoughts?  An easy, peasy, satisfying non-project!




  1. Very cute idea. Soon there will be a newborn picture on that bulletin board!

  2. How adorable!!!!! I love the finished product. This is a DIY I think I can handle!

  3. Very pretty!!!

  4. I'm happy to have contributed to this project by removing this frame from your porch and placing it inside the house-- it was delivered the day I stayed at your house all day sick, watching an all day marathon of "My Fair Wedding". The cork board turned out true delightful! Jennifer is right, soon it will be covered in pics of the whippersnapper!

  5. LOVE! Baby H will love the keepsakes and pics! I am truly on pins and needles about his/her arrival. I can't wait...and may have to fly down there asap!

  6. Nice job, Jes. It looks perfect! Just like everything else in Baby Haynes' fabu nursery! xoxo