Friday, January 21, 2011

A Deal's a Deal!

I love it when Gimleters send emails to me about things they like or saw on the blog.  I really love it when they send me emails to enforce what a good deal I secured!  (I then promptly send these emails to the auditor aka Beau so he knows how fiscally responsible I am....)

Check out these two finds over the past couple of weeks by two of my best Gimlet readers. 

Heather located this guy in the Times Picayune's Inside Out magazine and promptly sent this scan to me, noting the price.  Thanks, H! 

Check out Mr. "Traditionally Modern."  Look familiar? 
Before we move forward, note that Mr. Modern is metal and $1,095.00. 

Let me jog your memory. 

Can I get a "Look for Less!" chant going? 

Next.  Dear Emily sent me this picture yesterday, noting "This looks like your bulletin board from IKEA, but is from One King's Lane." 

I assume you don't need me to highlight the price. 

Let's review now.

I think this whole project, start to finish, was maybe about $45.00....
If I had done a mirror instead of cork, it would have been about $55.00. 

Copy Cat Chic, as you know, is one of my favorite blogs.  I feel like I experienced Copy Cat Chic in real life recently.  Any deals and steals of late that you wish to share?  They are apparently hidden around every corner...

Cheers and HAPPY WEEKEND!  The days are going soooo sloooowww for me right now. 



  1. The Auditor should be very proud of you. Those are some major deals!

  2. The rocker is of course awesome, and I am scared of the Ikea frame, truly identical to the expen-seev one! Excellent work!

  3. Look at you! Trendsetter!! I loved that article in theTP.

  4. I do the same thing to my husband!! I'm like..look how much I saved us. Now I can spend more! Hope you are feeling well, I'm 7 months and right now enjoying a McFlurry. :)