Monday, January 3, 2011

Be Still my Heart! Curtis and Davis for Sale in West Lakeshore

One of my most devout, helpful, and plain awesome readers, Tracy, made my morning with an email containing this real estate listing.  I am DYING....

Before I even launch into my love of this house and the fact that it is a Curtis and Davis original or my love of this mid-century neighborhood on the lakefront of New Orleans, I must confess that, much to Beau's chagrin, I indicated my not-so-secret desire to buy and restore a mid-century gem to our friend and real estate agent, Sarah.  I informed her of this vision, oh, about 5 months after we sold our first house (Lil Harms) and bought our second house.  Let's just say that Beau did not share my eagerness to snatch a mid-century gem if the opportunity presented itself....

On to the house!

First, it is located on a "tremendous corner lot" in West Lakeshore.  Based upon my review of the pics, I have deduced that one could certainly fit a pool in the back to complete the mid-century oasis! 

Look at that great oak tree....

The yard is truly huge.  Site of the future pool aka swinging party pad area.

Check out all of the natural light and wood burning brick fireplace. Again, dying. I am thinking the floors are slate. Original? Let's hope.

Is that plant on the bottom left springing forth from some type of inground planter!?

Galley kitchen looking fresh.  I really like the natural brick backsplash. 

More kitchen.  I can't tell, but would pass out with glee if those floors were terrazzo. 

I am in awe of the price on this house.  It is 2,323 square feet and is listed at $295,000.00.  $126.99 a square foot for this neighborhood?!  The listing indicates that "it is 80% complete."  I am wondering if the finishes would be some of the three bedrooms and maybe a bathroom?  Either way, a deal is a deal.  The home is approximately 57 years old and A/C and appliances are only three years old. 

Please, Gimlet Nation, someone out there buy this piece of history and let me come over and play in it!  

Check out the rest of the listing's pics by following the link above.  Does anyone out there know about this pad?  Do tell. 





  1. That's a bummer doesn't share your love for the same style :( I know nothing but I'm sure someone will share 'something'.

  2. Wow! It is amazing. I can't believe the price- I feel like someone transposed a number somehow.

  3. wow! i love it. that price might get you a teeny studio condo in dc. maybe.

  4. Perhaps Jennifer should snatch it up as she is house hunting and wants a pool!!

  5. Omg I am DYING!! Maybe I need to buy this for my Nola vacation house.... ;)

  6. Pretty impressive price for Lakeview! You better hurry up and snatch it.

  7. i just came across your blog and love your style and attitude!! I am a big fan of gimlets....Tequila Gimlets that is. I also would love to buy houses and flip them. I have done four that we lived in remodeled and sold. During that the time I was employed full time managing an escrow office. I have left that industry to finally pursue my passion of interior design. I look forward to following your blog from my wacky west coast of California!! When you have a chance check out my blog.

  8. I was able to walk through this house back in October or November. I was very interested in buying it. However, I could not even put in a offer on the house b/c the house is really not up for sale. The owners are trying to get the mortgage modified. I know lots of details about this house though as I it was for sale right after Katrina. Please email me at if you want to know more.