Friday, June 11, 2010

Print Shop

First, Happy Friday.

Second, based upon a hot tip from this month's Lonny, I checked out the Urban Outfitter's Print Shop.  I standardly check out UO's "Apartment" section and have scored some serious finds in the past, but never have I examined the Print Shop.  Well, well.  $25.00-$55.00 for every giclee print in the bunch (based upon size)....and some choice options for your casa.

Some of my selections...

Vintage-feel colors with modern impact here.

Cute for the kiddie room.

My favorite photograph in the bunch. 

Killer in a lucite frame.

I think this one is cool in Size Large.

This will be mine.  C'mon....a Nola AND Crosby Stills and Nash reference in one piece?

Now, fair warning.  You have to be selective or you run the risk of dorm/first apartment chic instead of chic chic. 

Pretty, yes.  Potential (college dorm room) pitfall, yes. 

Affordable options abounding...especially for spaces where you need something small with impact, but don't have $5,000.00 to spend. 




  1. These are great. The first one is my favorite, however buying prints with dogs and birds in them has become a bit of a problem at the Mead Manor. Have a great weekend!

  2. thanks for the tip! i love the bull. i've been obsessed with all things spain after our vacation there a few years ago - the bull would be a great homage.

  3. oh - haha - looks like that is actually a cape buffalo. they say cape buffalo, i say bull. ole!

  4. I love these too - am going to get the black heart for my bestie's nursery! E. Lee, your custom guest bath was my fave part of the house last night!!