Friday, June 4, 2010

Terrific Trina

I have likely discussed my love of Trina Turk on Gimlet.  If not, I will say it again...I love Trina Turk! Each season, there are at least three of her things that I feel like I must have, whether it be something from her clothing collection, a pillow in her fab fabrics, or a beach towel.  The queen of Palm Springs chic never fails me.  (BTW, I don't always cave to these "musts," but a girl can always dream....)

She is adorable!

Last year, in L.A. and then Palm Springs, Leigh and I did some serious damage at both of her stores.  I know a ton of design bloggers have discussed the decor of her stores alone, but let's review for a brief moment.

Trina Turk Residential in Palm Springs.
Thank you, Trina, for making a foray into home interiors!
via Apartment Therapy

Trina Residential, Part 2.
via Apartment Therapy

Trina Boutique in Palmy S

Trina Dressing Room

Back to the point of my post, though.  Did you know that Terrific Trina also makes jewelry?  I have no idea how this fun fact snuck past me.  Actually, thank heavens that it did.  I spotted this today at Em's Boutique in Old Metairie and am now deciding if it should be added to my list of "musts" from Trina for the season.  LUST!

Completely out of control.
It is on sale here.

Another delightful option.
Also on sale.
I found a lil black number (at Em's) for my sis' upcoming Rehearsal Dinner and am actually relieved that  neither of these bad boys looked "right" with it....could have been a dangerous/disastrous credit card day!

Of course, I am unable to guarantee that I will not be likely purchasing this Trina fabric for reupholstery purposes.  There is a chair in our fam room (the one with the ginormous TV) that has been calling its name for a loooonggg time. 

Trina for Schumacher's Arches print in orange. 

Okay, Gimleters.  Have a great weekend....I will be working (unfortunately) and doing some hard core wedding prep with my sis.  I may even provide you guys with some teasers...




  1. Hey Jessie,
    How can I buy her fabric?
    Found one I love and I have to try and get it.

  2. Oh Trina, how do I love thee...and how dangerously close your store is to my apartment! I already did some major damage at the Treen store this year, and had to literally control myself from buying some of the new jewelry, which is fabulous! Though I love all of her things, I particularly have to recommend her bathing suits, I know, not always a fun thing to buy. However, I have just bought my second suit from Trina, and am super pleased. She has the best prints, of course, but they are also well cut and of great quality. I have a one piece I got last year that I always get compliments on! Also, I bought one of her beach towels this year and I love it! It's HUGE and therefore really versatile, and for around $60, it's not breaking the bank. And don't get me started on her home line... Ok, I'm going to stop here before I find myself involuntarily back in her

  3. Oh goodness. I, too, am a Trina obsessor. If she only made maternity...IF ONLY!!

    Ok. How do I buy that orange fabric?? PERF for my kitchen nook bolsters. THANKS!