Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Recommendations First

I am helping my sister and her soon-to-be husband transform "his bachelor pad condo" into "their condo."  My future bro-in-law has excellent taste, of course, but the space needs to be infused with a bit more color and feminity and a bit less leather, self-described "mall art," and lamps-shaped-like-old-fashioned-fire-hydrants.  (People, could I really make this stuff up?) 

Does anyone else think of the infamous "Wagon Wheel Coffee Table Scene" from When Harry Met Sally?

The redesign process will be ongoing as Rome (and fab couple's pads reflecting a joint aesthetic) certainly cannot be built in a day.  There is also the lingering challenge of not spending too much dinero as they will not be staying in the condo for more than a year or two....as well as working around/with the many architectural elements and furniture items that simply must. stay. put. 

Join me as I share with you bits and pieces of this project, finding yummy things that suit their new "couply" taste...

Now, get this while it is hot.  I loved it the day I saw it a couple of months ago, but love it even more now that it is on sale. 

Thanks, Natey.  This 2 x 9 runner is on sale for $74.97. 
The entry way floor is currently, well, bare.  I think a runner in my sis and future husby's favo color will warm it up in no time.

Some other initial suggestions/ items to be purchased....(That you would be interested in, that is.  There are ALOT of basics on the list, like "king sized mattress" and "mirrored medicine cabinet."  Gimlet Nation can make due without seeing photos of mattress rails, I am sure.)

Have y'all seen these spankin' new West Elm chairs?

I think they are good looking!
(and affordable at $99.00 per chair)

Tip:  When buying furni for (somewhat) temporary spaces, try to think about where it could translate in the next space.  For now, the stackable chairs will serve as dining chairs in the dining nook of the condo, but I think they will also be great in a breakfast room of a bigger home.  No buyer's remorse in a year!

Another cutie from West Elm. 
The martini table in orange is t for tiny (perfect size for the cozy condo) and will add a necessary jolt of color next to the current beautiful, but very masculine, leather sofa. 

I will certainly post some befores and afters, but figured that, to kick this off, I would simply start with the early stages of the shopping list as this is going to be a slow--albeit fun and rewarding--project! 




  1. I love the West Elm chairs! They're stylish AND affordable. They always have the best finds!!

  2. I am still living in the "Bachelor Condo" after 2 years and it finally looks like a girl lives here. No wagon wheel table but a man chair I can't seem to get rid of and a 96' long sofa. Good luck!

  3. Please send in pics of the man chair and huge sofa, E. Lee. If you are lucky (ha), I will publish them! LOL! ;)

  4. We need some before shots so we can ooh and ahhh over the afters!!

  5. I just emailed P about the awesome martini tables--they would look great in our living room b/c I hate our old end tables. Yay, Jessie! We are currently "transforming" our living room--new custom entertainment center of sorts and bookshelf and getting our chair recovered. Now I just need the martini tables!

  6. Yay, Jen! They are affordable and chic...and kid proof!

  7. DYING re: Wagon Wheel Coffee Table. I am not sure if you remember...but we had to morph Tripp's bach pad by aggressively tossing all CIVIL WAR SOLDIER paintings and ceramic "wing-ed" eagles....

  8. Adrianne - you were certainly a brave soul taking on that task!!!

  9. Dying re: "wing-ed eagles"!!!

    The suggestions for updating the soon-to-be coed dorm are all cute and totally transitionable, and affordable!
    Can't wait to see the results!

  10. Civil War memorabilia? I feel badly, my issues weren't that bad!