Thursday, June 3, 2010

Never Underestimate the Power of Paint

Remember my post from last week?  I showed y'all the progress of my Pier One console table...

I bought her when she was Kuntry Blue.  I then painted her white (for a day), then deep olive/army green.  Now, girlfriend is hot turq. 

Well, here she is now completed, in all of her brilliant shining glory.  Yep, the TV is really that massive.

We use the trunks to conceal the oodles of wires and other techno-gadgets that must be hidden away.  I think they fit perfectly under the console...just enough space on either side. 
Sorry the pics are piecemeal...I really don't like to reveal finished projects in their entirety until they can be photographed properly!

I think she looks much like this guy from Red Egg (a fave to-the-trade-only source).  You can purchase this beaut for, oh, $1,580.00 from various  fab (albeit not cheap) online retailers.  She is even available in turq, should you not wish to paint your $1,580.00 table.  

OR, you can stalk big box stores and occasionally customize their pieces so that they just LOOK like $1,580.00 a million bucks. 

I am pleased with the result...and think it will look perfectly bright up against the muted jute that I am about to rip off the bandaid and order. 

Jute Diamond Rug.
Beau has highly sensitive feet and, therefore, he hates jute and thinks it is the worst invention ever (I know, for shame!)  That being said, I have read a ton of reviews of this rug and everyone seems to think it is pretty comfy. 

From another favorite big box, West Elm, of course.  I think it nicely neutralizes the wild heat of the turq. table. 

Oh, see my wanna-be-C.Jere-sculpture hanging over the TV?  So many members of Gimlet Nation asked about it after I talked about the project.    I was avoiding posting it until I could show it hanging about the ginormous TV, seated atop the new and improved turq. 

Another can see Lamar in this shot!

Here is the before, a shot from ebay.

The painting of the sculpture with white spray paint was literally the cheapest and easiest project ever...and, of course, can tide me over until a real C.Jere is placed over the TV.  That will likely occur never when we don't have a TV anymore, just holograms.

I strongly encourage you to find what you can afford and make it what you want it to be.  I know, sounds easier said that done, right?  Enter cheap paint.  Now, easier done than said, I think. 



P.S.  Regarding the massive television.  I jokingly complain about it because it is, indeed, huge.  I was horrified when Beau proudly set it up.  Horrified, until, of course, I became mesmerized by how disturbingly awesome it is to watch Real Housewives New Jerz in high def.  Because the TV is in our back "casual" den, I really don't mind it at all fact, I would be sad to see it go. 


  1. Good job! Your house is lookin' fabu as usual!

  2. "Beau has highly sensitive feet" for some reason makes me giggle uncontrollably.

  3. Hot Turq looks fabu! It looks almost exactly like the red egg console, you said you got it from Pier One? Score!

    And at least Beau will let you have a rug... still banned at our place by JG!

  4. Jute is the most awful, uncomfortable invention for floor covering. There is a reason why our favorite room in the house to lounge around in is the one with carpeting. That said, I LOVE the way it looks. I guess it is like shoes, you can sacrifice a little comfort for beauty.

  5. Love how you swing that paint brush! It all looks great!
    xo xo

  6. Gosh, I love a can of spray paint! Beautiful color and a great to balance out the big black box. Loved the transformation....and the price tag!

  7. turquoise was a perfect call! next time i get to nola i must have a tour of your projects live and in person- you have some serious DiY talent!

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