Friday, June 25, 2010

Fan-tastic Solution

I hate ceiling fans, although I understand that, for some, they are crucial to functioning in life.  Despite living through the 112 heat indexes in Nola right now, I still never think to turn on our fans.  I never grew up sleeping with them on, so I think I am programmed to not consider using them.  In fact, I plot the demise of each fan in our home with specificity. 
Lowe's.  Gaggers.

As you may recall, Lamar replaced the fug fan in our den.  Next up?  The fan in our bedroom....after that, the empty bedroom we call the "staging area."  It is slow, but calculated.  They will all be gone one day (except for the one in the guestroom because I want our fan-reliant guesties to be comfy)! 

Lamar replaced the fug ceiling fan in our den.

I recognize that not all fans are fug/ builder's grade.  Honestly, though, even the sharpest of the sharp looking fans, still really doesn't thrill me. 

Imagine my delight to see this "hybrid" fan/ light fixture on the delightful blog Dwellers Without Decorators
Is it possible that I could be convinced to keep some fans around?  Maybe if they look like these...

See that fan/ dome light about the dining room table?

It's mate above the living room area. 

Does anyone know the source of this fan-tastic alternative to a trad fan?  I am at least give this guy to the guest room, since it HAS to have a fan.  If we can't figure out a source, there is that thought in the back of my mind that I could make this....??




  1. I am one of the self proclaimed fan lovers. Come on, it is a standard part of the backdrop of Southern/tropics life! I always had it on in my childhood room at my parents' house. I loved the breezy feel and the distinct humming sound it made. Though I agree that there are many gross home depot fans out there, I don't mind a nice, traditional looking ceiling fan. That being said, these "dome light" fans are not so bad looking, but I would be perfectly happy with a traditional one. And ps, thanks for keeping one in the guest room!

  2. circulate on these ... 2 online sources for atbL/atbHD fans

    1. Y Lighting
    2. The Modern Fan Company
    not exactly a "fan" either (sorry !), but if they have to be there my rule is : it damn well better be CLEAN!
    I think you can "engineer" the cute one in your photo--
    look closely ... a shade replaces the dome light cover ???

  3. i'm on the fence about fans, too. on one hand, i'm with leigh in that the hum and breeze is great on a warm day. that said, i think the problem with all fans, ugly or not, is scale. our house has small-ish rooms and lower ceilings, so the fans that were installed before we moved in sometimes feel and look like giant helicopter blades. we actually have the restoration hardware fan in our front room! i like it just fine, but yeah, it's a little much for the room. i think fans are great for larger rooms with high ceilings - love the shadows that they create.

  4. What do you do when the a/c kicks off and there is no air circulating? I cannot sleep without my ceiling fan and in NOLA they can run all year long!

  5. I'm actually in the market for a new one in our master bedroom. Will have to look around and get some ideas for a "not so fan-looking fan!"

  6. I, too, love sleeping with a fan! Although I enjoy a traditional fan, I appreciate the hybrid fan as well.

  7. I agree with the point made about proportions. I like it when a fan blends into the background, rather than standing out as a focal piece/ugly blight. For instance, in the pic you posted above, if you take he dome light off the white fan, it would really blend into the mostly white room.

  8. Apt. Therapy had a post recently about cool fans. Love the RH one!

  9. I hate them too. My parents just finished a reno at their house, and are insisting on some in their new den. I will pass these sights a long.

  10. This is such a conundrum! And, one I am currently facing. For our new girly nursery, we now have a fat, white ceiling fan. I found an adorbs pink and white stripe chandy to take it's place but I am nervous that little girl will be so hot! Hmmm.....

  11. @Adrianne: Maybe you could find or construct a chandy/fan combo, the best of both worlds! ;)

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